Wall Street Journal - Oct 20 2020 - Start Trading

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Clues Answers
“Oh, now it’s clear” ISEE
“The Rise of Skywalker” heroine REY
“Watchmen” genre NEONOIR
*Be far superior to TOWEROVER
*Friendly toast BOTTOMSUP
*It may temporarily blind you PEPPERSPRAY
*Precocious lad BOYWONDER
9:30 a.m. event at the NYSE, and a hint to the starts of the starred answers OPENINGBELL
Addresses a rally, e.g ORATES
Alternative to Android IOS
Atlanta university EMORY
Autocrat DESPOT
Basis for an argument PREMISE
Boring event SNORE
Cariou of “Blue Bloods” LEN
Colorful coat PAINT
Commando maneuver RAID
Communist symbol REDSTAR
Current unit AMPERE
Dadaist Jean ARP
Dedicated verse ODE
Derby participants HORSES
Driver of “Marriage Story” ADAM
Egyptian serpent ASP
End for journal or Japan ESE
Eternally, to poets EER
For each one APOP
Fuel additive brand STP
Go around, in a way ORBIT
Grand Canyon formation MESA
Grating vocal quality RASP
Greeting in Brasilia OLA
Hank Azaria no longer voices him APU
Height: Prefix ACRO
Hosp. group DRS
Implore BEG
Clues Answers
Interrogator’s prompt AND
Islands accessory LEI
Jaguar’s kin LEOPARD
Johannesburg’s nation: Abbr RSA
Leader’s position TOPSPOT
Looking more upbeat ROSIER
Make notches in SERRATE
Obsequious people TOADIES
Oldies syllable SHA
One or more ANY
Out, in a way ASLEEP
Pancake makeup? BATTER
Pinpoint LOCATE
Possible answer to “Where are you?” INHERE
Possible answer to “Who’s there?” ITSME
Post-op program REHAB
Postwar British prime minister ATTLEE
Present, as an award BESTOW
Ready for the washer SOILED
Refer to CITE
Reflex test site KNEE
Renounces DISOWNS
River of Scotland DEE
Sap provider MAPLE
Sever LOP
Simile words ASA
Source of shock, sometimes STICKER
Tailors’ creations VESTS
Took the mound, as a relief pitcher CAMEON
Track meet event RELAY
Twisty shape ESS
Type of column or cord SPINAL
Up to, briefly TIL
VIP area occupants ALIST
Watch over PROTECT
Watch over TEND
Whitney Houston’s record label ARISTA