The Guardian - Speedy crossword No 1,307 - Oct 18 2020

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Clues Answers
A tie or bind LIGATURE
Abandoned orphan WAIF
Baby's small enclosure PLAYPEN
Bend the knee GENUFLECT
Brought about, bred BEGOTTEN
Church assembly CONGREGATION
Concentrated FOCUSSED
Copy, emulate IMITATE
Expendable soldiery CANNONFODDER
Half open AJAR
Clues Answers
One of a delivery of eight babies OCTUPLET
Orderly, tidy NEAT
Papers denoting a temporary higher rank BREVET
Part of the neck SCRUFF
Relaxed, slack LOOSE
Significance IMPORT
Small ornaments etc. BRICABRAC
Stick together COHERE
Unintended cosequence REPERCUSSION
Vivacity or vigour in performance BRIO