The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,076 - Oct 4 2020

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Clues Answers
Amount of freedom secure, set to return LEGROOM
Anything but bottom, high bid NOTRUMP
Authority, morally justified RIGHT
Bad day up, year looking tired DROOPY
Batty aunt promoted war in fanzine or blog, say? PORTMANTEAUWORD
Caterpillar going somewhat slowly LARGO
Con fleeing certain Greek island CRETE
Consider referee stealing captain's heart MEDITATE
Fifty-fifty chance secure, suddenly lose control TAILSPIN
Fix yours truly, with bandages AMEND
Float carrying you and I, still HOWEVER
Guided a jerk round fortress CITADEL
Help kind guards up onto roof of penitentiary SUPPORT
Hunt weapon RIFLE
Impaled, blush? GORED
Clues Answers
Mouse, where homeowner puts her foot down? DOORMAT
New against old capital SANTIAGO
Offer for model PROPOSE
Peace brought by saintly light in outskirts of Stockholm SHALOM
Ready, man in corner, for example SETPIECE
Rhinestone, perhaps, in Irish plant SHAMROCK
Ridiculously small fish cut by father from the back DERISORY
River entering a state -- state of the US ARKANSAS
Scary, a leader in London providing weapons ALARMING
Second empty volume published, leave MOVEOUT
Second shelf for slipper? SLEDGE
Thinking small amount allowed, bitter RATIONALE
Untidy novel revealing quality? NUDITY
Very happy -- as Robert Peary may have been in 1909? (2,3,2,3,5) ONTOPOFTHEWORLD
Work ignored, as striking GRANDIOSE