Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 17 2020

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Clues Answers
A warning of harm to come THREAT
Agreed, acquiesced ACCEDED
Analysis and judgement of an artistic work CRITICISM
Answer to a problem SOLUTION
Assigned a name to CALLED
Bound or secured TIED
Bring into existence CREATE
Building for historical artefacts MUSEUM
Comment, observation REMARK
Curious, odd PECULIAR
Dead bodies of animals CARCASES
Farm tool and group of stars PLOUGH
Fetter, hamper SHACKLE
Fly that transmits sleeping sickness TSETSE
Formal separation of one church into two SCHISM
Four quarts GALLON
From one side to another ACROSS
Give extra weight to EMPHASISE
Clues Answers
Greatly surprised AMAZED
High-speed projectile BULLET
Hinged joint KNEE
Implement for practical use UTENSIL
In advance of BEFORE
Informal restaurant CAFE
Lack of interest or enthusiasm APATHY
Large waterfalls and eye defects CATARACTS
Literary composition ESSAY
Lofts, garrets ATTICS
Made a serious mistake or made one's way blindly BLUNDERED
Main body of a plant STEM
Noisy toy and snake RATTLE
Of movements of the sea TIDAL
States firmly ASSERTS
Striped big-cat TIGER
Sweet juicy fruits PEARS
The old song urges to let a smile be yours UMBRELLA