- Oct 16 2020

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Clues Answers
''Game of Thrones'' lord NED
''Not quite sure'' ASFARASICANTELL
''Not quite sure'' SURESEEMSLIKEIT
''The Green Hornet'' star ROGEN
''You __ right!'' ARESO
10th century pope LEOVII
Address, of a sort URL
Aligned, with ''in'' AROW
Antonym of ''soft'' LOUD
Apt rhyme for ''drawl'' YALL
Areas of influence SPHERES
Asian croplands RICEFIELDS
Big name in skyscraper history OTIS
Book before Job ESTHER
Breakfast morsel OAT
Canoe-shaping tool ADZE
Center or back ATHLETE
Citrus hybrid UGLI
Common NFL tiebreakers TDS
Common NFL tiebreakers FGS
Constitute, with ''to'' AMOUNT
Contemplative comment HMM
Coveted invitees ALIST
Craft with a tennis court, maybe YACHT
Dalí's feline pet OCELOT
Dating from ASOF
Deface with fire SCORCH
Design sharer with Chevrolet GMC
Dire distress PERIL
Disarrange MUSS
Dot on Pacific maps ATOLL
Eerie sensation DEJAVU
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Election ending EER
Eminent Persian poet OMAR
Entertain in a cast ACT
Envelope of silk COCOON
Even-year autumn activity SENATERACE
Clues Answers
Express anger ERUPT
FedEx alternative DHL
Filled up on ATE
First-class stuff MAIL
Get way ahead of on a track LAP
Graphic design deg MFA
Hiker's cylindrical seat LOG
Hint at for the future BODE
Inviolable SACRED
It's added to natural gas ODOR
JLo pal AROD
Jr. year rituals PSATS
Lose your pep SAG
Mideast inlet REDSEA
MO's busiest airport STL
Newbie TYRO
PC eponym DELL
Pleasingly matched INSYNC
Proof of permission LICENSE
Resolute phrase on covered wagons ORBUST
Rink jump/spin LUTZ
Satisfy PLEASE
Sign like ''5 MPH'' SLO
Social science dept ECO
Speaker's intro, often JOKE
Stunning sight EYEFUL
Tapping target KEG
They may be operating SYSTEMS
Tulsan, for one SOONER
Version being tested BETA
Walked over TROD
Wall installation SAFE
What many small planes are made of BALSA
What zappers avoid ADS
With 63 Across, ''Not quite sure'' TOTHEBESTOF
Workout fabric LYCRA
__ Hill (Cable Car Museum's area) NOB