USA Today - Dec 6 2020

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Clues Answers
'According to . . .' ASPER
'If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a ___' BIKE
'Ouch!' OOF
'Same with me!' DITTO
'Should I take that as ___?' ANO
'The reason is clear to me' ICANSEEWHY
Alex and ___ (jewelry brand) ANI
Aslan's hair LIONSMANE
Aware of ONTO
Best effort, in competition AGAME
Big brawl MELEE
Brussels-based defense grp NATO
Builds from the ground up ERECTS
Cards from DMVs IDS
Cause harm to HURT
Cheesy sandwich MELT
Color similar to khaki TAN
Country south of Azerbaijan IRAN
Cowgirl's rope LASSO
CPR specialist EMT
Door openers KEYS
ER personnel DRS
Fashion designer Saab ELIE
Flea or fly, e.g INSECT
Fleas and flies, e.g PESTS
Front porch STOOP
Group of baby chicks BROOD
Hawaiian cookout LUAU
Help out AID
Holds nothing back LAYSITONTHELINE
Hooting birds OWLS
Implicit TACIT
Invite through the door ASKIN
Island with a lot of yoga retreats BALI
Large ray MANTA
Late-night fridge visit, say RAID
Lawn repair roll SOD
Lexicographer's label SLANG
Like many Sherpa people NEPALI
Clues Answers
Like some eyebrows DYED
Miss on purpose SKIP
More unfriendly ICIER
Music genre big in China MANDOPOP
National anthem of Belize LANDOFTHEFREE
Not long ___ (recently) AGO
Not subtle OVERT
One under an advisor's wing MENTEE
Pair on some office chairs ARMRESTS
Pedicure targets TOES
Pegs at a driving range TEES
Pentagon's number of sides FIVE
Period starting on Feb. 17 in 2021 LENT
Places for cumin and ground ginger SPICERACKS
Prop for Faith Ringgold EASEL
Provide food for a reception CATER
Required poker bets ANTES
Rock genre EMO
Rubber mouse, e.g CATTOY
Sauteing vessel PAN
Shoelace holders EYELETS
Smallest four-letter state OHIO
Some vinyl releases EPS
Spa guest's covering ROBE
Surname that's an anagram of 'glare' ALGER
Sweeping story EPIC
Sword with a bell guard EPEE
Tube attached to a dryer DUCT
Urges to attack SICS
Vending machine insert ONE
Very devout PIOUS
Warm up again REHEAT
Word after 'metro' or 'rural' AREA
Zen garden tool RAKE
___ & Young ERNST
___ out (solve) SUSS
___ up (absorb) SOP
___ Vegas Raiders LAS