USA Today - Dec 4 2020

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Clues Answers
'Failing Up' author Leslie ___ Jr ODOM
'High School Musical' protagonist TROY
'Once ___ a Time' UPON
'Over here!' PSST
'Victory is mine!' IWIN
'Whoa there!' HEYNOW
'___! . . . I Did It Again' OOPS
2016 WNBA MVP Ogwumike NNEKA
9-Down or Idaho STATE
About an hour after noon ONEISH
Acronym akin to 'carpe diem' YOLO
Adzuki, e.g BEAN
Against ANTI
Astronaut Jeanette EPPS
Bad smell ODOR
Brand images LOGOS
Bright astronomical events NOVAS
Center parts MIDDLES
Chan who played Astrid in 'Crazy Rich Asians' GEMMA
Competition for Naomi Osaka OPEN
Contraception method IUD
Crystallized snack ROCKCANDY
Desk light LAMP
Eating plan DIET
Essie competitor OPI
Even score TIE
Feel sore ACHE
Financial planning option IRA
Genre for Hepcat SKA
Get money for SELL
Greek god of desire EROS
Green fruit LIME
Hairstyle for 32-Down AFRO
Hijos, in English SONS
Home to Mount Hood OREGON
Japanese rice cakes MOCHI
Keeps bothering NAGS
Clues Answers
Major energy source COAL
Makes a blunder ERRS
Mammal that might eat 20 pounds of food per day OTTER
Mocking look SNEER
More recent NEWER
More than ready EAGER
Most dry ARIDEST
Most populous continent ASIA
Name akin to Paul PABLO
Ninth's follower TENTH
Observing NOTING
One of four for Biles in 2016 GOLDMEDAL
Part of a shoelace knot LOOP
Personality parts EGOS
Place to live HOME
Power to prevent legislation VETO
Prefix for 'nemesis' ARCH
Prefix for 'permanent' SEMI
Primary MAIN
Put on TV again REAIR
Release a grasp LETGO
Relish SAVOR
Respectful greeting NAMASTE
Response to good advice you might not take ISHOULD
Sargasso or Caribbean SEA
Shania Twain's '___ Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?' WHOSE
Singer Macy GRAY
Sneaky SLY
Some basketball players, position-wise SHOOTINGGUARDS
Tic-tac-toe drawing GRID
Uncommon RARE
Underwear material LACE
Urban area CITY
Word before 'boots' or 'music' GOGO
Worshipped from ___ AFAR
___ Nation (nickname for Stanford) NERD
___ out a living (gets by) EKES
___ Y (millennials) GEN