Universal - Oct 14 2020

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Clues Answers
"Now do you believe me?" SEE
"Reprieve" vocalist DiFranco ANI
"We hold ___ truths ..." THESE
"___ Sam" ("Green Eggs and Ham" opening) IAM
4.0 GPA wrecker BPLUS
Apt cry from a grumpy shepherd? BAH
Artistic production SHOW
Baseball accessory that will last a lifetime? UNDYINGGLOVE
Brand name that anagrams to "store" OSTER
Broadway awards TONYS
Carded IDED
Cautionary tale FABLE
Civic maker HONDA
Cloth for wiping WETRAG
Cookout holder? HOTDOGBUN
Crafter's online outlet ETSY
Crops harvested early in the year? SPRINGGRAINS
Current condition STATUS
Disclose LETON
Doe, for instance DEER
Element in most diet plans FAT
Filled and coated pastry ECLAIR
Gin go-with TONIC
Give the cold shoulder to SHUN
Grown-up ADULT
Hawn in "Snatched" GOLDIE
Hockey game venue ARENA
Hoppy brew IPA
Husbands-to-be in line at the courthouse? WAITINGGROOMS
Install in a gallery HANG
Is suitable FITS
Jane's role in "Glee" SUE
Key error? TYPO
Left the coop FLEW
Lichtenstein of pop art ROY
Little rascal IMP
Loch of note NESS
Major stir ADO
Clues Answers
Most foul, like a mood UGLIEST
Nation east of Italy's "bootheel" ALBANIA
Neglected aquarium's accumulation SCUM
Opposed to ANTI
Oral health advocacy org ADA
Outfit with camo? UNIT
Part of an anatomical cage RIB
Pig farm enclosure STY
Pioneering ISP AOL
Popular smart speaker ECHO
Position of leadership HELM
Primitive road feature RUT
Proportionately PRORATA
Put to work USE
Rabbit relative HARE
Rae who stars in "The Lovebirds" ISSA
Red Sea land YEMEN
Relax, with "out" VEG
Seldom spotted RARE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Slaw, say, for BBQ SIDE
Small bits IOTAS
Snatch NAB
Sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide EMISSIONS
Superficial attraction touted in a casino ad? GAMBLINGGLOSS
Supporter ALLY
Team that shares a city with the Yankees METS
Texter's "I'm shocked!" OMG
Thief's booty LOOT
Visual communication syst ASL
Worked at, as a trade PLIED
Worshipped objects IDOLS
Writing-intensive test type ESSAY
Z, for the alphabet END
Zodiac feline LEO
___ and downs UPS
___ area (uncertainty) GRAY
___ Tome and PrГ%83íncipe SAO