The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 14 2020

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Clues Answers
90s musical genre BRITPOP
Academic assessments EXAMS
Ace supporter nurses broken leg in class ALGEBRA
Actors list CAST
Adult near dilapidated stadium ARENA
Argument DEBATE
Artillery piece CANNON
Attractive female child BABE
Bird embracing artist's attribute TRAIT
Characteristic TRAIT
Complete from beginning to end, concealing nothing THOROUGH
Convent girl a creature of habit NUN
Disability assistance I put limit on HANDICAP
Ensnare ENTRAP
Expert, ace, is to stop silly rant ARTISAN
Finnish capital HELSINKI
Getaway ESCAPE
Gold coin in circulation? ORBIT
Golf shot PUTT
He fashioned links with one city HELSINKI
Hot and barren ground is detestable ABHORRENT
Impediment HANDICAP
Infant BABE
Large sports venue ARENA
Loving a room refurbished by American AMOROUS
Clues Answers
Maths subject ALGEBRA
Nocturnal flier in river? Discuss! DEBATE
Oafs trashed remote hiding place? SOFA
One captures image in race man almost lost CAMERA
One holed in ship utterly PUTT
Painstaking THOROUGH
Parent drunk in corner ENTRAP
Parentless child ORPHAN
Passionate AMOROUS
Photography tool CAMERA
Planetary path ORBIT
Racket DIN
Religious woman NUN
Save Tory shot at court CONSERVE
Settee SOFA
Skilled worker ARTISAN
Some extraordinary noise DIN
Son in peace restless to break free ESCAPE
Tests old love when cuddling Frenchman EXAMS
Throw for all the players CAST
Tight one is come to cut services ECONOMISE
Trip mistakenly in dance music style BRITPOP
Weapon criminal girl brought in CANNON
Youngster alone playing on harp ORPHAN