L.A. Times Daily - Oct 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Fresh Air" airer NPR
"__ Maria" AVE
"__ Mio" OSOLE
"¿Qué pasa?" SUP
50-Down rider, often CHILD
Assign, as time for a job ALLOT
Auto parts giant NAPA
Bad actor HAM
Bad way to act RUDELY
Band van traveler ROADIE
Bowie's weapon KNIFE
Brookville, N.Y., campus LIU
Campus houses FRATS
Cartwright son, in a TV Western HOSS
Castro of Cuba RAUL
Cleaned the floor SWEPT
Coffee server URN
Columbus' birth city GENOA
Commercial ambassador CONSUL
Connecting point NODE
Cubs' home DEN
Daily phenomenon ... and a hint to the puzzle circles SETTINGSUN
Disentangle after a tackle UNPILE
Egg cells OVA
Extinct flightless bird DODO
Failed venture FLOP
Fails, as a business GOESUNDER
Film excerpt CLIP
First "perfect 10" Olympic gymnast Comaneci NADIA
First-aid organizer KIT
Floats on the wind WAFTS
Follow the footprints of TRACK
Friend of Jerry and George ELAINE
Great __ Mountains SMOKY
Hockey's Stanley __ CUP
Improved companion? NEW
Like a feeling of déjГ vu EERIE
Clues Answers
Lindsay of "Mean Girls" LOHAN
Mani mate PEDI
Michener's "The Bridges at __" TOKORI
Militant '60s campus org SDS
Music holders, briefly CDS
Nasty stinger WASP
NFL threes FGS
No-winner result TIE
Opening day pitcher ACE
Picks out of a lineup IDS
Political faction PARTY
Put on __: postpone ICE
Restrictive type of ceiling GLASS
Sax type ALTO
Shortly, quaintly ANON
Sis may have one BRO
Some reds, briefly ZINS
Spanish "a" UNA
Steeple topper SPIRE
Stein partner Alice B. __ TOKLAS
Still hasn't lost REMAINSUNBEATEN
Stopped playing ENDED
Sumter or McHenry FORT
Tend, as a fire STOKE
The quaking aspen is one POPLAR
They hold your horses REINS
Throws in the towel SAYSUNCLE
Titanic, e.g SUNKENSHIP
Tries to lose, in a way DIETS
Unleavened bread MATZO
Up-and-down ride SEESAW
Vintage violin AMATI
Warm up, as food HEAT
Washer cycle RINSE
What's picked up when you accelerate STEAM
Witch HAG
Words after hole or all INONE
Wrinkle removers IRONS
Yucatán years ANOS