Family Time - Oct 12 2020

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Clues Answers
"... unto us ___ is given ..." (Isaiah) ASON
"Absolutely!" in Mexico (2 words) SISI
"Don't change it" STET
"Dressy" wrapped garment SARI
"I came, ___, I conquered" ISAW
"Yoo-hoo!" while waving (2 words) OVERHERE
"You're it!" game TAG
330 million live here USA
A good thing for a selfie SMILE
Adjustment means on an old radio KNOB
Apple's voice? SIRI
Balks with fear, as a horse SHIES
Be sickly AIL
Bird part WING
Common precipitation RAIN
Dedicatory poems ODES
Dejected SAD
Despite, in poems of old THO
Development sites for babies UTERI
DiCaprio of the movies LEO
Do a laundry chore IRON
Embryo-to-be OVUM
Extremely eager AVID
Fifth president of 5-Across MONROE
Forward progress HEADWAY
Gun the engine REV
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Huge coffee holder URN
In a softened tone SUBDUED
In ___ of (instead of) LIEU
Is in ownership of HAS
Clues Answers
It turns litmus paper blue ALKALI
Italian port city southeast of Naples SALERNO
Jog like a horse TROT
Kebab preparer's activity MARINATING
Large monkey APE
Large pebbles STONES
Leave out purposely OMIT
Like real honey PURE
Make lights less bright DIM
Mine content ORE
Muffle, as a sound DEADEN
Mythical Mt. Olympus lady HERA
Occasionally (3 words) NOWANDTHEN
One of the world's longest rivers NILE
Pig abode STY
Prayer word AMEN
Provide help AID
React to a bit of pain WINCE
Some printing widths EMS
Something for an electrician to handle WIRE
Sought-after word when seeking permission YES
Spot from a long distance ESPY
Stat for a pitcher ERA
Sticky adhesive product TAPE
Take a very small drink SIP
Three-word question while pointing to yourself ISITME
To-do lists, for example AGENDAS
Touchdown locale TARMAC
Valley of California NAPA
___ and hearty HALE