L.A. Times Daily - Mar 10 2010

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Clues Answers
"Baseball Tonight" station ESPN
"Gypsy" composer Jule STYNE
"Hooray!" YIPPEE
"Mr. Mom" actress GARR
"Our Gang" dog PETE
"Xanadu" band, for short ELO
12 Tribes religion JUDAISM
Ambient music composer Brian ENO
Au __: menu phrase JUS
Bench material PINE
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Big Indian RAJA
Bing Crosby's primary label DECCA
Bosom buddy COMRADE
Bricks unit TON
Brinker of kiddie lit HANS
Caesar's unlucky number? XIII
Caveat __ EMPTOR
Computer acronym about faulty data GIGO
Door feature KNOB
Drips in an ICU IVS
Early computer printer speed meas. CPS
Four-legged bugler ELK
Go hither and yon ROVE
Gothic novelist Radcliffe ANN
Hairy mountain sighting YETI
Having a beanpole physique LANKY
Having one's doubts SKEPTICAL
Heed the coxswain ROW
Host of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" TYPENNINGTON
In first place ONTOP
In vitro cells OVA
Instrument to which an orchestra tunes OBOE
Jon Stewart's "moment of __" ZEN
Like 007's martinis UNSTIRRED
Like drive-thru orders TOGO
Like some grins SLY
Longtime skating partner of Randy Gardner TAIBABILONIA
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Clues Answers
Musical prefix with smith? AERO
National sport of South Korea TAEKWONDO
Non-commercial TV spot PSA
Normandy battle site STLO
Of an arm bone ULNAR
One of the Yokums PAPPY
Open the door to LETIN
Open, in a way UNCAP
Operatic slave girl AIDA
Operating system developed at Bell Labs UNIX
Overtime causes TIESCORES
Parts of fast food orders SODAS
Places to order tom yum goong THAIRESTAURANTS
Pre-dye shade, perhaps GRAY
Prior to, in verse ERE
Quick trip JAUNT
Rice-A-__ RONI
Rimsky-Korsakov's "Le Coq __" DOR
River of Flanders YSER
Roget entry: Abbr. SYN
Salt's "Halt!" AVAST
Schooner filler ALE
Slo-pitch path ARC
Sub meat SALAMI
Tack room gear REINS
The Trojans of the Pac-10 USC
Therapy center, for short REHAB
Tiny amount TRACE
Tony of "Who's the Boss?" DANZA
Wee bit IOTA
Where the ecstatic walk ONAIR
Word of pity ALAS
Word of rebuke TUT
Year-end mall temp SANTA
Zak, to Ringo SON
__ de deux PAS
__ time: pronto INNO