- Oct 11 2020

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Clues Answers
''Bam!'' POW
''Cola Wars'' participant PEPSI
''Furthermore . . .'' AND
''On the double!'' NOW
''Shh!'' SILENCE
''Take __ a compliment'' ITAS
''__ mia!'' MAMMA
''__-Ho'' (Seven Dwarfs' song) HEIGH
59 Down hookup IVDRIP
73 or 173, to mathematicians PRIMENUMBER
A beginner in NEWAT
A euro predecessor LIRA
A/C measure BTU
Accused's excuse ALIBI
Adult ed. course ESL
Architect Ludwig __ van der Rohe MIES
Boat basin MARINA
Brief status updates TWEETS
Buccaneer PIRATE
Bust one's buttons, perhaps SWELLWITHPRIDE
Camel cousin ALPACA
Can't abide ABHOR
Cannoneer's angle AZIMUTH
Carpentry pegs DOWELS
Carried a balance OWED
CD forerunners LPS
Charge with a crime INDICT
Chooses, with ''for'' OPTS
Clear-eyed SOBER
Command to an attack dog SICEM
Common flannel pattern PLAID
Connection points NODES
Cpl. or sgt NCO
Cut of lamb SHANK
Dirty Harry portrayer CLINT
Droplets BEADS
Eeyore's creator AAMILNE
EMTs' destinations ERS
Ending for trick or mock ERY
Exam for college srs GRE
Formally gave up CEDED
Forty follower NINER
Game with cards and callers BINGO
Garb for a griller APRON
Genesis 4 brother ABEL
Good to go SET
Greek peace goddess IRENE
Highway hazard ICE
Honorary legal deg LLD
Ill-fated DOOMED
In the center of AMIDST
Insurance payment, for many MONTHLYPREMIUM
Intrepid BRAVE
Largest Caribbean island CUBA
Lavish parties DOS
Lean and muscular WIRY
Lukewarm TEPID
Made amends ATONED
Make a difference MATTER
Make a mess of things ERR
Make angry RILE
Mexican War president POLK
Modest reply to a compliment ITRY
Modify, as a law AMEND
Mont Blanc's range ALPS
Much more than 14 Down OODLES
Muesli morsel OAT
Napoleon's birthplace CORSICA
Nautical journal LOG
Needing laundering SOILED
Novelist Patchett ANN
Clues Answers
NYC congresswoman, in headlines AOC
Occupy, as a home of twigs NESTIN
Of little consequence TRIVIAL
Oil-drilling equipment RIGS
Oklahoma city ENID
One-named Brit with 15 Grammys ADELE
Org. encouraging flossing ADA
Over the top TOOTOO
Parenthesis shape ARC
Part of AD ANNO
Part of ASPCA: Abbr AMER
Payment that's due OUTSTANDINGBILL
PC scrolling key PAGEUP
Pesters nonstop NAGS
Pillage and plunder MARAUD
Place to cybershop EMALL
Poetic lowland VALE
Pointers TIPS
Political rally venue ARENA
Post-op stop ICU
Pretending to be APING
Pro's camera, for short SLR
Prune, with ''off'' LOP
PSAT takers JRS
Ready-to-install lawn SOD
Recently OFLATE
Resided DWELT
Reverent response AMEN
Royal flush card ACE
Royal topper CORONET
Run smoothly HUM
School exam monitor PROCTOR
Scoundrel RAT
Server's post STATION
Shade of gray ASH
Shoreline arrival TIDE
Shower attention (on) DOTE
Situated on ATOP
Slender woodwind OBOE
Slightly ABIT
Slip into DON
Sounded like sonar PINGED
Sounds of acknowledgment OHS
Spanish bear OSO
Spanish surrealist DALI
Spicy Asian cuisine THAI
Spray-can mist AEROSOL
Starter like mono- UNI
Sticky spread or situation JAM
Suffix for percent ILE
Summer getaways for kids CAMPS
Take cover HIDE
Temporary peace pact TRUCE
Texter's ''More than enough said'' TMI
That is: Lat IDEST
Thorough-search metaphor FINETOOTHCOMB
Took potshots (at) SNIPED
Toothpaste ad promise DAZZLINGSMILE
Verb-forming suffix IZE
Violent weather STORMS
Viral Web post MEME
Walk with a swagger SASHAY
Walk-__ (cameo roles) ONS
Was out of options HADNOCHOICE
What neon crayons have BRILLIANTCOLORS
With gusto EAGERLY
Without exception ALL
Wooden first-aid item SPLINT
Wreath of flowers or shells LEI
Yale student ELI
Ye __ Inne OLDE
__ Moines, IA DES