The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,075 - Sep 27 2020

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Clues Answers
Admire ends of huge box sent to hotel EXTOL
An order given to cricket side, etc ANDSOON
Anxious getting bald? DISTRESSED
Before moving prison, daughter pays a visit DROPSIN
Burgers, not snails? FASTFOOD
Call from player, far from seat NOTRUMP
Channel in Asia is Lebanese AISLE
Cold, with suit removed? HEARTLESS
Complicated to obey following second fine TICKETYBOO
Contact admitting crime in cleric's residence PARSONAGE
Dry, like metal? IRONIC
Exclamation noted, say, when misbehaving STEADYON
Flag-waver bringing gentle touch to disturbance PATRIOT
Form of protein and mineral ultimately joined forces INTERPOL
Fulminate in bar RAIL
Clues Answers
Heightened opportunity for result UPSHOT
Herb listening to the enemy, supposedly? THYME
Island not entirely perfect and not entirely close HONSHU
Language observed within fringes of shocking party SHINDIG
Outspoken unpleasant type, kicked TOED
Painful orbiting in space for country SINGAPORE
Plan to extract odd bits from middle ear IDEA
Reported error in puzzle FLOOR
Rubbish: flower needing lift POPPYCOCK
Serious actor, one in musical OLIVIER
Shed you once installed in river OUTHOUSE
Soft spot man found under belly of feline LIKING
Training academy swimmers on the last length? FINISHINGSCHOOL
Vegetable, small and sweet SPUD