Universal - Oct 8 2020

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Clues Answers
"Gymnopedies" composer Erik SATIE
"I Am Woman" singer Helen REDDY
"SNL" alum Poehler AMY
"The Simpsons" bus driver OTTO
1958 No. 1 hit whose title is Italian for "to fly" VOLARE
1998 Olympic skating champ Lipinski TARA
Accompanying ALONGWITH
Activity with on-screen lyrics KARAOKE
Actress Dunham LENA
Adolescent skin woe ACNE
Amount being carried LOAD
Back-of-book listing INDEX
Boat on which you might hear "O Sole Mio" GONDOLA
Breakfast-in-bed need TRAY
Camera company that merged with Konica MINOLTA
Certain winning streak? OOO
Cry unrealistically on stage, perhaps EMOTE
Czechs and Croats SLAVS
Dip a toe in, say TEST
Dispatched SENT
Enthusiastic praise ACCLAIM
Extremely eager AGOG
Female farm animal with horns SHEGOAT
Font with a Light Italic style ARIAL
French painter known for pointillism SEURAT
Hairstyles that stick up MOHAWKS
Halved INTWO
Highlight reel, e.g MONTAGE
Ilhan of Congress OMAR
Increased one's chances to be safe? SLID
Increases AUGMENTS
Lessen, like pain RELIEVE
Levy whose rate is the same for everyone FLATTAX
Like plain-looking gems UNCUT
Clues Answers
Make pretty, as hair DOUP
Mark left by a swimsuit TANLINE
Mustangs' Texas sch SMU
Mythical bird ROC
Name hidden in "Roone Arledge" EARLE
NBA Hall of Famer Archibald NATE
Notes after dos RES
On wrong, as clothes INSIDEOUT
One way to buy something ONCREDIT
Paris newspaper LEMONDE
Part of a fleet SHIP
Printer supply INK
Prosecutors, briefly DAS
Sculptures in some parks STATUES
Senator Feinstein DIANNE
Shelf occupant? ELF
Slothful IDLE
Stadium entry points GATES
Standards for comparison METRICS
Stirs up ROILS
Stocking material NYLON
Swim alternative SINK
Systematic sequence STEPS
They fly in clouds GNATS
Vegetable made into rings ONION
Versatile bag TOTE
Visiting the Sydney Opera House, say DOWNUNDER
Vulcan mind ___ MELD
Well-seasoned stew RAGOUT
YouTube upload VIDEO
___ code (rules about attire) DRESS
___ out a living (scrapes by) EKES
___ shorts (garment with many pockets) CARGO