- Oct 8 2020

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Clues Answers
''Ivanhoe'' author SCOTT
''Speed it up!'' CMON
''Wing'' prefix PTERO
''You can't back out now!'' WEHADADEAL
''You may not like it, but . . .'' DAREISAY
(In) place (of) LIEU
29 Across descriptor OAKEN
401(k) alternative IRA
Angst-filled music EMO
Asked, as a riddle POSED
Assessment device TEST
Audi alternatives BMWS
Bloom that rhymes with ''rocks'' PHLOX
Botanical symbol of Arizona SAGUARO
Bottom line of some lists SUM
Burgles ROBS
Certain maître d' assent OUIMADEMOISELLE
Certain tree nut ACORN
Chanel's darling CHERI
Close on the screen GLENN
Commodore Vanderbilt contemporary ASTOR
Completed DID
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Connoisseur of cuisine GOURMET
Culture calendar listing OPERA
Deduction allowance EXEMPTION
Desert formation DUNE
DiCaprio nickname LEO
Diver's device SCUBA
End of Auburn's address EDU
Energetic spirit ELAN
Exec. __ DIR
Fast-running birds EMUS
Fruit inside a crust PIEFILLER
GPS display ETA
GPS display SSW
Highlight reel's contents GEMS
Hit the hay GOTOBED
Clues Answers
Industry kingpins CZARS
Informal meet-and-greet MIXER
Japanese assent HAI
Just out NEW
Knocked out, but conscious AWED
Major Medicare supporter AARP
MLB shrine HOF
Nintendo exergaming game WIIFITPLUS
Nursery rhyme runner WEEWILLIEWINKIE
Oil extraction setup DRILLRIG
One of a baby grand trio LEG
Oscar's ''Odd Couple'' frenemy FELIX
Page with ''How does the app work?'' etc FAQS
Place for a bayonet RIFLE
Poly-cotton, for one BLEND
Pre-marriage promises IDOS
Sch. performance stats GPAS
Seawater BRINE
See 29 Down TOWER
See 8 Down PASA
Served yourself, as soup SPOONED
Sky shade AZURE
Sound meaning ''Correct!'' DING
Spicy tea CHAI
Splurge, say SPEND
Starting lineup ATEAM
Two Musketeers, to the third AMIS
Undeniable TRUE
Unlikely stories YARNS
Wearable welcome gifts LEIS
Went over? RANLONG
Went with CHOSE
What a register registers SALE
With 31 Down, Honolulu landmark ALOHA
With 46 Down, Spanish ''Sup?'' QUE
__ Julius Caesar GAIUS
__ Sea (ex-lake of Asia) ARAL
__ Valley (Reagan Library city) SIMI