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Clues Answers
"A Bell for —" ADANO
"Batman" actor Cesar ROMERO
"Don't believe a word —!" OFIT
"Kaboom!" POW
"Mr. Klein" star Delon ALAIN
2 and 8, in Morse code? DOUBLEDITNUMBERS
Able to speak easily FLUENT
Actress Merrill or Spybey DINA
Address for a techie URL
Alice, for the Bradys MAID
Antique car REO
Antis' votes NAYS
Apiary buzzer BEE
Applies, as some deodorant ROLLSON
As a friend, in French ENAMI
AWOL soldier ... or a feature of eight answers in this puzzle MISSINGGI
Bear's retreat DEN
Big name in canned heat STERNO
Bits of sand GRIT
Boxer Spinks, to non-Americans? FOREIGNLEON
Boxing's "Greatest" ALI
Brewskis BEERS
Brings up to speed CUESIN
Calculated the total of TALLIEDUP
Chaney of horror LON
Chatter idly GAB
Cheeky kid RASCAL
Cheery tune LILT
Chi follower PSI
Child's amuser TOY
Chimed unstoppably? RANGOUTOFCONTROL
Comedian Johnson ARTE
Commotion DIN
Corrida cheer OLE
Depose OUST
Dessert, to Brits AFTERS
Doe's baby FAWN
Doorframe part JAMB
Earthy tone, to Brits OCHRE
Eats as a snack NOSHESON
Element in bronze ZINC
Element in bronze TIN
Ending for buff or bass OON
Entre — NOUS
Ex-Giant Mel OTT
Exiled Amin IDI
Eye-irritating bulbs ONIONS
Fired (up) AMPED
Fleece-lined boot brand UGG
Gives rise to BEGETS
Goes fast RACES
Gp. mobilized by a 911 call EMS
Grazing field LEA
Groom grass MOW
Guess at Sea-Tac ETA
Hailed ride CAB
Hair gel, e.g GOOP
Hankering YEN
Having two or more parts COMPOUND
He has a famous lap SANTA
Highest or lowest point LIMIT
Highest point ACME
Honored academic retirees EMERITI
Hot winter quaff COCOA
Ikea's home SWEDEN
Jewelry beetle SCARAB
Jogging pace TROT
Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer NEWSWOMAN
Lawn tool RAKE
Clues Answers
Light haircut TRIM
Literary last words EPILOG
Loch monster moniker NESSIE
Mad feeling IRE
Male turkey TOM
Mass emigration EXODUS
Medications taken by mouth ORALDRUGS
Mem. of Congress SEN
Money tray TILL
Move, to Realtors RELO
Nav. officer ENS
Nightwear PAJAMAS
Old game console ATARI
One backing up a soloist SIDEMAN
One making an exact copy CLONER
One more than a pair THREE
One or the other EITHER
One trying for strikes BOWLER
Oolong, e.g TEA
Ornament ADORN
Outback bird EMU
Pant-length measurement INSEAM
People who relax by listening to singer Johnny? CASHRESTERS
Per unit APIECE
Pipe problem LEAK
Pitcher's spot MOUND
Preminger of film OTTO
Put forward POSIT
Put on a blog again, e.g REPOST
Put on — (pretend) ANACT
Quarreled bitterly FEUDED
Rattan CANE
Really small WEE
Really smell REEK
Rip- — (flimflams) OFFS
Rust, essentially IRONOXIDE
Rustic poems IDYLLS
Salty water SEA
Sarandon of "Alfie" SUSAN
Saunter MOSEY
See 92-Across NOVELS
Slimy garden crawler SLUG
Smarted STUNG
Smell or taste SENSE
Soft drinks COLAS
Song about a fire breather who uses Apple computers? PUFFTHEMACDRAGON
Sources of 1-Down and 84-Down ORES
Spell-casting cartoon infant? MAGESIMPSON
Spooky cry BOO
Squeak (out) EKE
Stiller and Affleck co-hosting a New Year's Eve special? THECOUNTDOWNBENS
Suffix with northeast ERN
Swerve VEER
Tan shade ECRU
The "A" of USDA AGR
The "D" of DJIA DOW
Tomb-raiding Croft LARA
Topped with ice cream ALAMODE
Toyotas of the 1990s PASEOS
Turns inside out EVERTS
Unit of force DYNE
Used a spade DUG
Was sick AILED
Weight deduction TARE
Where old Venetian magistrates dropped off their tots to be watched? DOGEDAYCARE
With 94-Across, old hack paperbacks DIME
Writer Kafka FRANZ
Zapped with light LASED
— -fi flick SCI