Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 5 2020

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Clues Answers
As yet not in tipsy cake by choice PICK
Both centres of submerged dangerous alliance MERGER
Cabinet order comes in front of the judge BOOKCASE
Comment from The Mail offering a view typically taken by a major employer OBSERVATIONPOST
Declines to set off for Oxford to view all characters taken in by idol GOESTOSEED
English company taking orders from complex communities ECOSYSTEMS
Fair amount of those from 14 across in The Queen CARD
Firm sets up working casino for particular event OCCASION
Got along with party after hearing hotel worker MADEDO
Half of those taken from 14 across on the banks of Bay of Pigs carried by men of letters POSTBAGS
Herb welcomes Virginia Wild SAVAGE
Ill at ease daydreaming, missing Miranda EDGY
Ill-treated dismissing titled peer of the realm EARL
It causes an increase in lactic acid production - the type that's outstanding at the Gas Company OXYGENDEBT
Clues Answers
Jack is not the first from 24 down bringing news of the travellers POSTCARD
Justification for former copper joining border's security force EXCUSE
Kathleen in trial has time in The Box CASKET
Most of the group in Court Five in The Box COLOURTV
One culinary tip good in beers, soup, salads ICEBERGS
Picket finishes on 15 across POST
Portraits of One Direction surrounded by young men, Cliff and Old Bob LANDSCAPES
Se?orita heading off to Roses working for The Examiner ASSESSOR
Sheds a tear dropping off leader on English boat with hound OBSESS
Siamese cats ignoring mice? A lot of pluses in that! ASSETS
Silence from Knock reflects a number of approaches PATHS
The Clash can be relatively unpleasant? FEUD
Tips for driving irons and how to hold yourself before hitting the ball from the tee to the hole DISTANCE
What characters in 25 across might do with gauge ASSESS