The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 623 - Sep 28 2020

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Clues Answers
'The Raven', I suspect, brought to mind something sensitive HITANERVE
A feral pig seen in many a wood MAHOGANY
American in favour of wearing long type of dress PINAFORE
Boy describing press operator SURGEON
Cause irritation rejecting starter in joint ANKLE
Circular meadow left to be worked LEAFLET
Complicated tests on hat STETSON
Cycled round giving exhibition of riding skills RODEO
Deliver a sermon, real beauty about Republican PREACH
Emissary on at beginner in embassy LEGATE
Express great happiness about Irish writer on the radio REJOICE
Finger broken by nutter in group of fanatics? LUNATICFRINGE
Flog junk head of household collected THRASH
Heavenly in Somerset – here, also ETHEREAL
Clues Answers
Husband in Christmas show close to grim apparition PHANTOM
Ingenious device specially tagged GADGET
Is in pageant? Bliss PARADISE
Name leader of trio wearing hat TITLE
Newsworthy subject, a leader in legislature TOPICAL
One name in Bordeaux for a woodwind instrument CLARINET
Penalised female, Enid, wrongly FINED
Rescue vessel, if able to, at sea LIFEBOAT
Serving no practical purpose, soot spread round one by end of hedge OTIOSE
Theirs, a strange case? JEKYLLANDHYDE
Thirsty? Add reddish-brown mixer DRYGINGER
Turn up in Scottish island church showing conceit ARROGANCE
What Meg and Reg do in close? ENDING
When childish tricks may be played in college, one we vandalised HALLOWEEN