Wall Street Journal - Oct 3 2020 - Living in the Past

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Clues Answers
“Orange Is the New Black,” e.g DRAMEDY
“Soffriva ___ pianto” (“Lucia di Lammermoor” aria) NEL
“The Family Circus” cartoonist Bil KEANE
“Tradition” show, familiarly FIDDLER
“We’re bound to be successful!” CANTLOSE
1954 film in which Brando played Napoleon DESIREE
1963 hit “Blame It on the ___ Nova” BOSSA
1972 Jack Lemmon movie AVANTI
Acolyte’s work on Palm Sunday, say? LENTASSISTANCE
Animated character helped by Gill, Bloat, Peach and Bubbles NEMO
Antarctica’s Prince ___ Mountains OLAV
Antecedent PRIOR
Arrived casually ROLLEDIN
Audience member at a tedious lecture? BOREWITNESS
Audiophile’s buys LPS
Baseball’s Blyleven and Campaneris BERTS
Batik practitioner DYER
Beetles, in slang VEEDUBS
Bend out of shape WARP
Bible bit VERSE
Big bustle ADO
Bike repair manuals? SPOKEVOLUMES
Bolt partner NUT
Border bits EDGES
Bound to fail DOOMED
Brusquely short TERSE
Cart for coal TRAM
Cast party? ACTOR
Catch in a sting ENTRAP
Cellphone lack DIALTONE
Clear, in a cafe BUS
Close NEAR
Collectible quality RARENESS
Company offering little training? LIONEL
Copying ALA
Corn unit EAR
Cost ___ and a leg ANARM
Crook’s kin CANE
Dazzling designs OPART
Declines SAGS
Defeatist’s lack HOPE
Disapproving sound TUT
Discreet dates TRYSTS
Divers of northern waters AUKS
Ending akin to -kin ETTE
Enlightened outbursts AHAS
Excessive amount PLETHORA
Explanations WHYS
Facile PAT
Fan favorite IDOL
Ferrets’ kin OTTERS
Find a definition for LOOKUP
Flamenco call OLE
Floral accessory LEI
Flower high up on an arbor? ROSEABOVE
Fur vault? STOLEHOME
Garden section BED
Gillette brand ATRA
Global thawing, of a sort DETENTE
Go a round BOX
Got the lead out MINED
Gradually lessens TAPERS
Gush like geysers SPEW
Having millions of views, perhaps VIRAL
High part TREBLE
Clues Answers
Host of the 2019 Pan American Games LIMA
It adds flakiness to pastry LARD
It might be accessed via a sliding door PATIO
Jack’s value in blackjack TEN
Keyed in ENTERED
Landlord’s collections RENTS
Like curtain calls ONSTAGE
Like prices during shortages DRIVENUP
Literature Nobelist Lessing DORIS
Lonzo Ball, since 2019 PELICAN
Lordly lodgings MANORS
Mag. staffers EDS
Make demands on TAX
Manipulative sort USER
May with a Tony ELAINE
May, say MONTH
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Milky stones OPALS
Moves cautiously EASES
Muscle Beach display PECS
Norse goddess of death HEL
Online representations AVATARS
Opinion preface ITHINK
Org. that aids mom-and-pop companies SBA
Passed bad checks KITED
Physicist Christian with a namesake effect DOPPLER
Pint from a publican ALE
Place SITE
Poor learner, according to a proverb OLDDOG
Position of the liberals? LEFTSTANDING
Providing subscribers with several operas per year and the like? METOBLIGATIONS
Queen’s base HIVE
Rate card figures ADFEES
Red ___ (sushi fish) TAI
Respect, in slang PROPS
Result of crafting a fine fedora? FELTPRIDE
Rogers Place skaters OILERS
Sampan mover OAR
Sandwich letters BLT
Scheming SLY
Security device SENSOR
Seething ABOIL
Sharp taste TANG
Shook upside down, for an Etch A Sketch ERASED
Sistine ceiling figure ADAM
Smoke detector? NOSE
Someone who puts up with you GUEST
Something to fight for CAUSE
Source of wisdom, some say AGE
Spam supplier, e.g EMAILER
Stripling LAD
Sturdiness symbols OAKS
Supermarket section DELI
Take a machete to, as dense vegetation HACKAT
Thompson of “Westworld” TESSA
To a great degree SORELY
To cut a board, duh!? SAWREASON
Treasury org IRS
Treetop grazer GIRAFFE
Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
Undertaking ENTERPRISE
Vessel in a recess URN
Vicinity AREA
Vocally drop ELIDE
Well-rounded breakfast? BAGEL
Winner of all of his events in the A.D. 67 Olympics NERO
Worried sound GULP