- Mar 7 2010

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Clues Answers
''-ite'' compound, often ORE
''Be silent,'' musically TACET
''Circular file'' TRASHCAN
''Law & Order: SVU ''actor ICET
''Lights out'' tune TAPS
''Tristram Shandy'' writer STERNE
''Venerable'' historian STBEDE
''__ is an island . . .'' NOMAN
007 school ETON
45-degree circle section OCTANT
Acceptance in the 'hood STREETCRED
All __ (attentive) EARS
Andy Kaufman's ''Taxi'' role LATKA
Angry moods HUFFS
Awaken suddenly SNAPTO
Backed up, as data COPIED
Battery terminals ANODES
Be in the hole OWE
Before, of yore ERE
Begin work in earnest GETCRACKING
Blackmore's Lorna DOONE
Blood-test figure PLATELETCOUNT
Budget-managing exec CFO
Came next ENSUED
Car-ad abbr. APR
Carry-along grooming item POCKETCOMB
Casual refusal NAH
Chanel No. 5 alternative ARPEGE
Choppers TEETH
City near Boys Town OMAHA
Coffee flavor MOCHA
Congestion site SINUS
Country singer McEntire REBA
Crayon color ORANGE
Cry like a banshee WAIL
Cryptographer's creation SECRETCODE
Cut (off) LOP
Devil's take? DUE
Do axels and lutzes SKATE
Does a KP chore PEELS
DVD-player button PAUSE
Expense reducer BUDGETCUT
Extra-wide shoe EEE
Fed head Bernanke BEN
First American in orbit GLENN
Fixes, as a fight RIGS
Football coach Rockne KNUTE
Fret (over) SWEAT
Gallup work POLL
Glee-club section ALTOS
Go far and wide ROAM
Gondola's route CANAL
Grand __ (wine designation) CRU
Grandpa Simpson ABE
Hightailed it SCOOTED
How some stunts are pulled ONABET
Ice-cream buy POP
In a frenzied way AMOK
In the future TOCOME
Inc., across the pond LTD
Insurrections RISINGS
Is regretful about RUES
JFK's service branch USN
Journalists, so to speak SCRIBES
Just sitting IDLE
Keeps out BARS
Kirov or Bolshoi BALLETCOMPANY
Least experienced RAWEST
Less inept ABLER
Like many wine casks OAKEN
Like some entries FORCIBLE
Love personified AMOR
Luau strings UKE
Clues Answers
Made do, somehow COPED
Make stuff up LIE
Many-acred residence ESTATE
Marathon stat PACE
Mexican cactus PEYOTE
Middle X, maybe TAC
Military bigwigs BRASS
Moistens WETS
Moog, familiarly SYNTH
Mountain goat's perch CRAG
Much of a fan mag PICS
Needing refinement COARSE
Neighbor of Myanmar LAOS
Network monitoring org. FCC
Oils, busts, etc. ART
Omega-3 source COD
On the same side TEAMED
Pandora's release ILLS
Part of a bray HEE
Partakes of HAS
Pint-sized TEENY
Place for files CABINET
Plank smoother PLANE
Planting places BEDS
Play for a sap USE
Poker dealer's words ANTEUP
Powerful ad word FREE
Put __ in (impact) ADENT
Race postings ODDS
Racetrack founded in 1711 ASCOT
Radio format TALK
Raised a glass to TOASTED
Rang out TOLLED
Remove data from ERASE
Reprimand to Rover BAD
Robert Burns, e.g. SCOT
Roll-call call AYE
Rugrats TYKES
Rural swimming place CREEK
Said ''@#$%^!'' CUSSED
Say further ADD
Scan, as a UPC READ
Shade of black COAL
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Short conversation WORD
Slender reed OBOE
Squirrel cache ACORNS
Start a triathlon SWIM
Steak selection TBONE
Succotash ingredient SWEETCORN
Summer hrs. DST
Tall and slender RANGY
Tennis pro's employer RACKETCLUB
Terse summons SEEME
Tex-Mex treat TACO
The best TOPS
Ticked off SORE
Time spans ERAS
Totally dominated, informally OWNED
Truckers with handles CBERS
Tubular pasta PENNE
Turned-upside-down dessert SKILLETCAKE
Unnerve RATTLE
View with a skew BIAS
WC Fields persona SOUSE
Went first OPENED
What sit-ups tone ABS
Wolf Blitzer's channel CNN
Word on some tickets ROW
Words to an ''old chap'' ISAY
Workplaces for RNs ORS
Wrapped up ENDED