Wall Street Journal - Sep 28 2001 - Double-Entry Accounting

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Clues Answers
'Alice' star LAVIN
'Candle in the Wind' singer's first name ELTON
'Candle in the Wind' subject's first name NORMA
'If I Can't Have You' singer YVONNEELLIMAN
'Really!?' OHYEAH
'Serves you right!' SOTHERE
'Stormy Weather' singer HORNE
'Walk This Way' rappers RUNDMC
'___ dommage!' ('What a pity!') QUEL
1953 American League MVP Al ROSEN
1991 Peter Benchley book BEAST
Aggressive and impatient TYPEA
Atlanta Hawks forward Kukoc TONI
Attack a sub? EAT
Awards for Mamet OBIES
Babbled RANON
Back AGO
Ball goers, at times MASKERS
Bar mitzvah boy, e.g. TEENAGER
Be an excellent job candidate HAVEALOTTOOFFER
Best TOP
Betting setting RENO
Birthstone for some Scorpios TOPAZ
Boeotian hunter ORION
Bounce back ECHO
Boy Scout's actions GOODDEEDS
Bring up REAR
Brunch order OMELET
Cakewalks ROMPS
Calculus calculation AREA
Cambodia's Lon ___ NOL
Capone cohort NITTI
Cause for psychotherapy ANGST
Clinton's first Secretary of the Treasury BENTSEN
Cold storage? CRYONICS
Collectible coin rating FINE
Complete UTTER
Concert souvenir TSHIRT
Concerto highlights SOLI
Confectionery customer's weakness SWEETTOOTH
Constellation reference STARMAP
Construction girder IBEAM
Copycat's practice METOOISM
Country on the Red Sea ERITREA
Cub Scout unit DEN
Curious George creator H.A. REY
Curtain call cry BRAVO
Dental floss material NYLON
Donald, to Dewey UNCLE
Drug smuggler MULE
Employ USE
Eventually YET
Falco of 'The Sopranos' EDIE
Five-time Wimbledon champ BORG
General acknowledgment SALUTE
Go downhill, in a way SKI
Google CEO Schmidt ERIC
Grounds for counter charges? DINERS
Have chants encounters? INTONE
Herbal folk remedy for nausea GINGERROOTTEA
Highway no-no UTURN
Hippie's accessory BEADS
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Hurt in the corrida GORED
Infinitesimal TINY
Intrinsically PERSE
Clues Answers
It often follows you ARE
Its source is in Banff National Park REDDEERRIVER
J. Alfred Prufrock's creator ELIOT
Jollity MIRTH
Jumper's opposite SETSHOT
Just one of those things THAT
Like a 4-F UNFIT
Like a slow market SOFT
Loews Cineplex competitor AMC
Meaning SENSE
Mild expletive RATS
Minutemen's sch. UMASS
Moves serpentinely SLITHERS
Movie lawman played by James Stewart DESTRY
Napoleon, at times DESSERT
National competitor ALAMO
Neither raise nor fold SEE
Noted poem of 1956 HOWL
Nudge PROD
Old alliance SEATO
Old number? ETHER
Old-fashioned preposition UNTO
One of the Brothers Karamazov DMITRI
Only lizards to have voices GECKOES
Opposite of 'unter' UBER
Orrery parts PLANETS
Paper purchase REAM
Pentathlon need EPEE
Piccadilly Circus statue EROS
Piece of Bacon? ESSAY
Principle TENET
Pro ___ RATA
Procter & Gamble brand ZEST
Prone APT
Put one's two cents in? ANTE
Radio astronomy aid ANTENNAARRAY
Recipe amt. TBSP
Recurring melody THEMA
Rely upon LOOKTO
Sacrifice fly's result OUT
See 18-Down SERIF
Sloth, for one SIN
Sluggish INERT
So-so separator? AND
Soft drink nut KOLA
Son-gun connector OFA
Soprano Stratas TERESA
Specialist in double-entry accounting BOOKKEEPER
Star Wars letters SDI
Stick in the fridge BUTTER
Student in the workplace INTERN
Sulu's shipmate UHURA
Summertime treat SNOCONE
Take back RETRACT
Title for a Sp. bride SRA
Took steps STRODE
Use a rosary PRAY
Vaudeville offering SKIT
When 'SNL' wraps ONEAM
Widespread RIFE
Widow of Jordan's Hussein QUEENNOOR
With 49-Down, a type style SANS
Word of denial NOT
Word repeated in a Doris Day song SERA
Xerox rival RICOH
Yawn inducer BORE
___ pro nobis ORA