Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 30 2020

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Clues Answers
1,000 involved in strike coming down the hill RAMP
A gun goes off in Knock cottage BUNGALOW
A woman gets cocktail that'll keep her warm on a cold night ANORAK
Almost reserved going out with less TAKEAWAY
Discount rate doesn't include rustic present DONATE
Doing paperwork is a prerequisite of filmmaking in the open EDITINGOUT
Don't move around Niamh briefly in hospital REMAIN
Draw a distinction between various cantors around tenor CONTRAST
Flips over the French papers taking clip of viral sensation and writing that's a tonic REMEDIAL
Four of the upcoming possibilities for wading bird IBIS
Gets high, loses head and rows OARS
Guard, engineer, nurse, butcher? ENSURE
Intentional destructive type of trouble at Bourse SABOTEUR
Jerk on drugs from The New Yorker YANKEE
Clues Answers
Lads consumed by Tiger Roll back those taking on War of Attrition REGIMENT
Piece of countryside greenbelt comes with a qualification DEGREE
Polished off fitting on top of taps in outside toilet - it's a sign it's for personal use PRIVATEPROPERTY
Rebel admits underground leader has a fair amount of the vision for the insurgency REVOLUTION
Recorded one of those in the house getting to grips with comic TAPED
Ruins sculpture for the men and women responsible for The Rising INSURGENTS
Safe keeping of bank's cause c?l?bre CARE
Shrink in fear of registrar initially finding E coli all over the place RECOIL
Some revolutionary unsettled a family in decline FADE
They're temporarily in charge of 2 down and half of 14 across on both sides of Rocky Mountains CARETAKERS
Track down talent scout dismissing stunt LOCATE
Veto one of those in a movement needing no introduction to revolution OVERTURN
Wealthy characters in Maastricht RICH
Who's labouring on the job to commission writer? EMPLOYED