New York Times - Sep 26 2020

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Clues Answers
'... ish' ORSO
'You thought!' HAH
Alternatives to Nikes AVIAS
Alveolus, e.g SAC
Asheville-to-Knoxville dir WNW
Atoms that have the same number of neutrons ISOTONES
Auto whose engine is apt to purr? JAGUAR
Bit of jazz improv HORNSOLO
Bloom or balloon GROW
Bring to ___ ANEND
Caesar dressing ingredient, familiarly DIJON
Change of heart on Facebook UNLIKE
Classic makeshift solution DUCTTAPE
Cleansing of the soul PURGATION
Cleared NETTED
Click the 'X' when vexed, maybe RAGEQUIT
Collection of seeds? BRACKET
Collective HERD
Construction site sight DIGGER
Convenience store sign ATMINSIDE
Dealers have lots of them CARS
Fetishized one IDOL
Finance reporter Ron INSANA
Flammable compound with two carbons ETHANE
Game played with beanbags CORNHOLE
Gas pump abbr REG
George who directed 'Night of the Living Dead' ROMERO
Ginormous MAMMOTH
Grammy-winning folk singer Williams LUCINDA
Home in the mountains CHALET
Home of Minor League Baseball's RubberDucks AKRON
Hot to trot EAGER
HSN alternative QVC
Hubbub DIN
Clues Answers
Impetus for a rescue mission SOS
Ink saver PENCAP
It's a real bender KNEE
Just got (by) EKED
Kind of roll KAISER
Knights of ___ ('Star Wars' order) REN
Like contractors vis-à-vis employees EXTERNAL
Luxuriating in the great outdoors GLAMPING
Make more secure, in a way RETIE
Man's name that rhymes with a number NATE
Megan who was Sports Illustrated's 2019 Sportsperson of the Year RAPINOE
Music of the night? TAPS
Opposite of remote ONSITE
Prime meridian std GST
Pro Bowl team that wears blue jerseys NFC
Pro ___ TEM
Rachel ___, seven-season TV role for Meghan Markle ZANE
San Diego's ___ Institute SALK
Settings for pep rallies GYMNASIA
Side dish at a Korean restaurant KIMCHI
Some spuds IDAHOS
Something you might earn by having a long crossword-solving streak, informally NERDCRED
Soprano ___ Te Kanawa KIRI
Spots for wet bars DENS
Subtitles option: Abbr ENG
The surface tension of milk makes them stick together CHEERIOS
Transport not meant for trails ROADBIKE
Unbiased opinion, e.g OXYMORON
Virtuoso, informally WIZ
Wearable Disneyland memento EARS
What's got you down? AILMENT
Wrong for the role MISCAST
Zac of '17 Again' EFRON
___ Evans, many-time collaborator with Miles Davis GIL