New York Times - Sep 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'Be serious!' DONTGETCUTE
'Chariots of Fire' filming locale ETON
'Fantasy Focus' podcast airer ESPN
'Good' or 'ill' thing OMEN
'It'll ___ you' COST
'It's ___ from me' ANO
'Star Wars' spinoff set five years after Emperor Palpatine's fall THEMANDALORIAN
'You don't need to tell me what happened' ISAW
'___ but a scratch!' TIS
Actor Stanley TUCCI
Balloon material LATEX
Basketball highlight, informally OOP
Berlioz's 'Queen ___' Scherzo MAB
Bio class subject RNA
Card game shout UNO
Collide into the side of TBONE
Concept in artificial intelligence TURINGTEST
Deal breaker? NARC
Force feed RATIONS
Giggle bit HEE
Good people to know INS
Half-bird, half-woman creature HARPY
High anxiety? ACROPHOBIA
How a mysterious figure may disappear INTOTHENIGHT
Hymnbook holder PEW
Infantile affliction COLIC
Is biased LEANS
It's difficult to go against CURRENT
Kardashian family member KRIS
Keep the beat, in a way CLAP
Keeps track of a count, maybe UMPS
Kind of paste in East Asian cuisine REDBEAN
Clues Answers
Local boundaries? ELS
Lowest rating in showbiz's Ulmer Scale DLIST
Lump near a lash STYE
Monthly releases of a sort OVA
Mythological hunter turned into a stag ACTAEON
N.Y.C. event on the last Sunday in June PRIDEPARADE
On point APT
Ones diving right into their work? OCEANOGRAPHERS
Passionate, confident sort, they say ARIES
Perfume SCENT
Prefix with saccharide or glyceride TRI
Quoted CITED
Rump END
Scrutinize, with 'over' PORE
Seoul music KPOP
Sets to zero, in a way TARES
Shape of some hooks ESS
Shape, informally BOD
Shot in the dark STAB
Sister channel of HGTV OWN
Some sensitive info, for short SSNS
Something you can't have while standing up LAP
Spots in which to lie low DENS
Subject of J. J. Thomson's 'plum pudding' model ATOM
Teatro alla ___ SCALA
The 'stuf' in Double Stuf Oreos CREME
The smallest one is called a minimus TOE
Verb with a circumflex ETRE
Wander ROVE
What Ralph Nader did in 2000, 2004 and 2008 RERAN
Who joins Gryffindor's Quidditch team in 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' RON
[More tuna, please!] MEOW
___ Choice Awards TEEN