Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 12 2020

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Clues Answers
"Chicago" actor Richard GERE
"East of Eden" girl ABRA
"If I — rich man ..." WEREA
"Mad Money" network CNBC
"Piece of cake!" SOEASY
"The Conners" actress Gilbert SARA
"Zounds!" EGAD
14th president PIERCE
Actress Long NIA
Algerian port ORAN
Attorney's profession LAW
Baseball's Tommie AGEE
Basra resident ARAB
Betty of "How To Marry a Millionaire" GRABLE
Can material TIN
Canine cry ARF
Cannes milk LAIT
Cast a ballot VOTE
Chit IOU
College awards DEGREES
Coup d'— ETAT
Dead heat TIE
Football filler AIR
Formal orders DECREES
Former flier SST
Furniture brand IKEA
Game officials REFEREES
Garden buzzer BEE
Greek vowel IOTA
Harvest goddess CERES
Clues Answers
Haydn nickname PAPA
Hexagonal state UTAH
Initial chip ANTE
Level TIER
New corp. hires MBAS
Party cheese BRIE
Perfume ingredients ESSENCES
Politico Trent — LOTT
Power co. supply ELEC
Pumpkin relatives GOURDS
Purple fruit PLUM
Rocker — Pop IGGY
Sandbox toy PAIL
Sashimi fish AHI
Scot's refusal NAE
Scratch MAR
Sediment SILT
Snaky fish EEL
Spider's home WEB
Sultry singer Kitt EARTHA
Sweet-talks WHEEDLES
Symbols of strength OAKTREES
Type of exercise class AEROBICS
Warsaw's country POLAND
Water cooler? ICE
Wee songbird WREN
Word list, for short VOCAB
Workout count REPS
Yale grad ELI
— Hari MATA