Universal - Sep 23 2020

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Clues Answers
"I knew it!" AHA
"Just can't help myself!" IGOTTA
"That was close!" WHEW
180 degrees from SSW NNE
A.L. players who only bat DHS
Actor Alda ALAN
Actor Nick NOLTE
Actress ___ Naomi King AJA
Anne of "Donnie Brasco" HECHE
ATM requirement PIN
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Balm source in Genesis GILEAD
Big name in electric cars TESLA
Bit of wisdom PEARL
Blitzer's employer CNN
Bothersome PESKY
Breakfast dish with ham and bell peppers (11 to 7) WESTERNOMELET
Buttigieg who ran for president PETE
Carol refrain TRALALA
Cheerleader's cry RAH
Conducted LED
Confused ATSEA
Container that's a conjunction backward TUB
Contemporaries PEERS
Currier's partner IVES
Dodgers pitching great Hershiser OREL
Downed a sub, say? ATE
Downward dog activity YOGA
Dunkable treats OREOS
Evaluate ASSESS
Feel for a light switch GROPE
Fighting ATIT
Fireplace remnants ASHES
Fishing spot PIER
Fluctuations in the economy (6 to 2) TRADECYCLE
Get some pool practice? (see letters 7 to 4) SWIMLAPS
Clues Answers
Greek god of war ARES
Gunk on a log SAP
Hereditary factor GENE
Imitate APE
Inbox item EMAIL
Jamaican ___ steak PEPPER
JFK guess ETA
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Jupiter's wife JUNO
Late-night coffee choice DECAF
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Lipton brew TEA
Medic's system TRIAGE
Menounos or Shriver MARIA
Modern art venues? LATTES
Molecule that's a conjunction backward DNA
Old Chevy that was part car, part pickup ELCAMINO
Pie-mode connector ALA
Place to reflect? MIRROR
Polite request PLEASE
Popular snack crackers (9 to 6) CHEESENIPS
Sleep lab acronym REM
Slow starter? ESS
Somewhat ABIT
Stand for an artist EASEL
Tax deadline mo., usually APR
Useful part of a website (6 to 2) HELPPAGE
Valuable deposit ORE
Wailers member Peter TOSH
Wall St. institution NYSE
Weave together KNIT
XL, for instance SIZE
Yukon XL automaker GMC
Zag's partner ZIG
Zesty flavor TANG
___ pole (Tlingit carving) TOTEM