- Sep 23 2020

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Clues Answers
''Call again'' phone feature REDIAL
''Green'' vehicle ECOCAR
''Same here!'' DITTO
''Shark Tank'' turndown IMOUT
Absorb, with ''up'' SOP
Actress Watson or Thompson EMMA
At a great distance AFAR
Bar assoc. member ATT
Barbell metal IRON
Beef cooked in an oven ROAST
Big Apple sluggers METS
Big word in a store window SALE
Bookstore section with joke books HUMOR
Brand of tablet computers IPAD
Casts forth EMITS
Chapter of history ERA
Clarinets and oboes REEDS
Comedian called ''The Entertainer'' CEDRIC
Comrades ALLIES
Corrosive chemical ACID
Cul-de-__ (dead end) SAC
Cuts, as a TV's sound MUTES
Dance club VIPs DJS
DC winter hrs EST
Do a car maintenance task CHECKTHEOIL
Driveway material TAR
Egypt's capital CAIRO
Exercise one's authority CALLTHESHOTS
Facts and figures DATA
Flower associated with the Netherlands TULIP
Formally relinquish CEDE
Free ticket PASS
Gate-closing device LATCH
Harmonious agreement ACCORD
Has an evening meal SUPS
Hawaii map, in a US map INSET
Imitate APE
Inflatable boat RAFT
Interest group for seniors AARP
Clues Answers
Keeps secluded CLOISTERS
Low-cal beverages DIETSODAS
Made upset IRKED
Measure of 2+ pounds KILO
Mix with a straw STIR
Nervously walk back and forth PACE
Omelet tidbit HAM
Oscar actress Berry HALLE
Palette selection HUE
Protest loudly RAISETHEROOF
Puente of Latin jazz TITO
Ram of the zodiac ARIES
Regarding, in a memo ASTO
Religious doctrines DOGMAS
Religious offshoot SECT
Revise for publication EDIT
San __ (Silicon Valley city) JOSE
Scottish hat TAM
Sharp, as eyesight ACUTE
Sheep's coat FLEECE
Short walking distance STEP
Show to be true PROVE
Singing competition series, for short IDOL
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Slight remnant TRACE
Sound out of a speaker AUDIO
Stand on two legs, as a horse REARUP
Stopped fights, in brief TKOS
Strongly assert AVER
Subtle glow AURA
Theater aisle worker USHER
Tops with frosting ICES
Users of scratching posts CATS
Very upset IRATE
Wasn't feeling well AILED
Wrap Old Glory into a triangle FOLDTHEFLAG
Written promise to pay IOU
YouTube video interruptions ADS
__ talk (coach's encouragement) PEP