Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 23 2020

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Clues Answers
Assigned to a role APPOINTED
Audaciously bold DARING
Beyond normal limits EXCESSIVE
Changes direction TURNS
Come out into view EMERGE
Continued, endured LASTED
Determined the dimensions MEASURED
Distance north or south of the equator LATITUDE
Hard lump of mineral matter STONE
Having little breadth NARROW
He serves at table WAITER
Higher, better or more important SUPERIOR
Hindu loincloth DHOTI
In disagreement or dispute ATODDS
In the shape of a helix SPIRAL
Kigali is the capital RWANDA
Marine mollusc that damages ships TEREDO
Menace, intimidate THREATEN
Clues Answers
Mental or physical representation IMAGE
Move at speed RUN
Nightclub with recorded music DISCO
No longer distressed, reassured RELIEVED
Observe the bishop's domain SEE
Pass away DIE
Pay for someone else's enjoyment TREAT
Pendulum to indicate tempo of music METRONOME
Pieces fried in deep fat CHIPS
Precious adornments JEWELS
Pupils, learners STUDENTS
Spoken or written communications MESSAGES
Stood for election or managed RAN
Subject matter, motif THEME
Talking points TOPICS
Unexpected, without warning SUDDEN
Very sure, certain POSITIVE
Violate the sacred DESECRATE