Wall Street Journal - Sep 22 2020 - Out on a Limb

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Clues Answers
“Game of Thrones” streamer HBOGO
“Good one!” NICE
“Help wanted” counterpart, in ads WORKNEEDED
“Let me think about that...” HMM
Add more lubricant to REOIL
Alias abbr AKA
Amazon Fire TV competitor ROKU
Amble unhurriedly SAUNTER
Back in the day THEN
Beat the drum for PROMOTE
Blows it ERRS
Bottom line SUM
Cancel before the end of the countdown ABORT
Catch some rays SUN
Conflicted TORN
Contrite cry IREPENT
Cooperative interaction SYNERGY
Currently popular HOT
Dagger handle HILT
Daydreamer Walter MITTY
Decorates, in a way ICES
Did an usher’s job LEDIN
Employee’s security pass IDBADGE
Faucet attachment AERATOR
Flood preventer DIKE
General in the rebel resistance LEIA
Gives subtle suggestions DROPSHINTS
Green who was a coach on “The Voice” CEELO
Hall of late-night TV fame ARSENIO
Hawaiian dish POI
Home that may be threatened by global warming IGLOO
Hostile message sent anonymously CRANKLETTER
Human relative APE
Hydrox rival OREO
In ___ of (as a substitute for) LIEU
Island that holds Haleakala National Park MAUI
Jeans brand LEE
Clues Answers
Joust verbally SPAR
Light touch PAT
Loud, as a crowd AROAR
More nerdy GEEKIER
Musician’s asset EAR
NBC show with a cold open SNL
Nest material TWIGS
Nose-in-the-air type SNOB
Olympian account MYTH
Ominous note from the boss SEEME
Put to rest, as fears ALLAY
Really lose it RAGE
Rebellious one, often TEEN
Ring road, stateside BELTHIGHWAY
Scarcity DEARTH
Scope something out? AIM
Serpentine shape ESS
Skater Midori ITO
Some Alpine echoes YODELS
Some kind of smart guy ALECK
Spread with pine nuts? SOW
Staples Center player, briefly LALAKER
Studio with a radio transmitter logo RKO
Stuff oneself GORGE
Superstitious words of encouragement, and a clue to 17-, 25-, 54- and 64-Across BREAKALEG
Tailor’s skill SEWING
That fellow’s HIS
Trail mix GORP
Tree with a fleshy fruit PAPAW
Trident-shaped consonants PSIS
Turns right, as a horse driver GEES
Unreturnable serve ACE
Window part SASH
Word repeated after “Que” in a song SERA
Worry, so to speak SWEATIT
Wrong AWRY
You can skip it ROPE
Zodiac animal RAM