Wall Street Journal - Sep 21 2020 - Six-Pack Abs

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Clues Answers
“A Prairie Home Companion” lake WOBEGON
Alamo rival HERTZ
Barely sustained EKEDOUT
Beauty who loved the Beast BELLE
Bring joy to ELATE
British penal colony in Australia BOTANYBAY
Caramel candy ROLO
Cheese with veins of mold BLEU
Chews the fat TALKS
Da Vinci’s “___ Lisa” MONA
Danger signal ALARMBELL
Doesn’t depart STAYS
Doesn’t zig ZAGS
Dorothy’s dog TOTO
Eyebrow shape ARCH
False alternative TRUE
Fiber source BRAN
Fidget spinners in 2017, for example FAD
Golf green feature HOLE
Have debts OWE
Influence SWAY
Informal vocabulary SLANG
Khartoum’s country SUDAN
Kid often on the move ARMYBRAT
Kidspeak boo-boo OWIE
Killer whale ORCA
Kismet FATE
Kunis of “Black Swan” MILA
Landed at Logan, say ALIT
Leslie Odom Jr.’s role in “Hamilton” AARONBURR
Like many Asian languages TONAL
Lobster’s defense CLAW
Low in fat LEAN
Low-pH solutions ACIDS
Many a Middle Easterner ARAB
Mentor to Luke OBIWAN
Old salts TARS
Clues Answers
Onetime imports from Sweden SAABS
Overtax STRAIN
Pasta shape BOWTIE
Pen name of short story writer H.H. Munro SAKI
Pennsylvania city on the shore of a Great Lake ERIE
Peruvian native of yore INCA
Picnic crashers ANTS
Pie ___ mode ALA
Port on Honshu OSAKA
Priest’s assistant ALTARBOY
Prizes for Wilson, Carter and Obama NOBELS
Promote shamelessly TOUT
Pursuer of Moby Dick AHAB
Ranch in Edna Ferber’s “Giant” REATA
Real hoot RIOT
Records a show, in a way TIVOS
Red Halloween costume DEVIL
Regretful responses NOES
Regular employment DAYJOB
Sea walls DIKES
Single UNWED
Smacks hard SWATS
Some fundraising events GALAS
Sonogram target, often WOMB
Sporty Mazdas MIATAS
Stimpy’s pal REN
Stitches SEWS
Story TALE
Summer solstice month JUNE
Superman symbol ESS
Time change? EDIT
Tot, humorously ANKLEBITER
Transmitted SENT
Weepy woman of myth NIOBE
Word after New, golden or teen AGER
Words after a digression WHEREWASI
Wrapper for a sprained wrist ACEBANDAGE
Youngest of the Crawley sisters, on “Downton Abbey” SYBIL