Wall Street Journal - Sep 18 2020 - Group Outings

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Clues Answers
“Didn’t I tell you?” SEE
“Sweet Love” singer Baker ANITA
“The Birds” star Hedren TIPPI
“Three Coins in the Fountain” composer STYNE
“___ about time!” ITS
1982 arcade game based on a film TRON
Arizona State city TEMPE
Backstabber SNAKE
Backyard constructions SHEDS
Bankroll WAD
Barbecue place PIT
Baseball feature SEAM
Big tourney MAJOR
Bob Hope’s tour group: Abbr USO
Car with boomerang-shaped taillights EDSEL
Caretakers MINDERS
Cause to flee SCAREAWAY
Courtroom utterance IDO
Cry to the hounds SICEM
Discrimination based on social status CLASSISM
Door fastener BOLT
Facilitates EASES
Feature of most landscape paintings SKY
Feel the same AGREE
Fielding flub ERROR
Genesis creation ARK
Genesis creation EVE
Get connected, say LOGON
Gleeful cry YAY
Gold Cup venue ASCOT
Golden ratio symbol PHI
Has obligations OWES
Has trouble walking straight REELS
Havana Declarations author CASTRO
Hedonistic young male, slangily BRO
Hiking route PATH
Hunting party POSSE
In need of a rinse SOAPY
Inclination SLANT
Clues Answers
Lady bird HEN
Mating activity? CHESS
Mechanic’s replacement SPAREPART
Microscopic code carrier RNA
Misrepresent SKEW
Mixer in a gin rickey SODA
Molar elevations CUSPS
Network with pledge drives PBS
Nibbles (on) GNAWS
Nick’s “Parks and Recreation” role RON
Not disturbed LETBE
Not in favor OPPOSED
Number that’s its own square root ONE
Old hand PRO
Old-timey exclamation EGAD
Original “Blue’s Clues” host STEVE
Period ERA
Picture framer’s insert MAT
Pierced with buckshot RIDDLED
Problem on a programming schedule HOLE
Rice dish with Creole and Cajun varieties JAMBALAYA
Rile IRK
Ripen AGE
Savory sauce source SOY
Set of tools KIT
Sharks’ offerings LOANS
Silken snare WEB
Singer-songwriter Bareilles SARA
Spring LEAP
Stately REGAL
Sticks by the coffee maker? STIRRERS
Sties PENS
Thread starter EMAIL
Tight or loose follower END
Tips of wingtips TOEPIECES
Visibly shocked AGAPE
Vodka brand that, despite its name, is not Russian POPOV