Universal - Sep 22 2020

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Clues Answers
"Everything is clear now!" AHA
"Frozen II" star Menzel IDINA
"Star Trek" scanners TRICORDERS
"Where ___ I go wrong?" DID
Addresses with dots URLS
Aging site CASK
Arm bone ULNA
Auction platform since 1995 EBAY
Auction shout SOLD
Baja resort, informally CABO
Baseball's Felipe, Matty or Jesus ALOU
Beget SIRE
Benz alternative BEAMER
Biblical preposition UNTO
Big bird EMU
Cancel, as a check VOID
Chutzpah NERVE
Concert venues ARENAS
Cut finely MINCE
Davis who founded an Institute on Gender in Media GEENA
Deep down? NETHER
Does nothing about something LETSITRIDE
Energy company that went bankrupt in 2001 ENRON
Entourage POSSE
Fellow MAN
Find with a dial TUNETO
French for "born" NEE
Gift that helps a teen go places? CAR
Glorify EXTOL
Golf peg TEE
Got up ROSE
Gradually narrow TAPER
Having a dog may raise it RENT
Illuminated like an atrium SKYLIT
Kind of pole with figures TOTEM
Knee bend in ballet PLIE
La Jolla sch UCSD
Clues Answers
Local speaker series TEDX
Lubricates OILS
Name that becomes a number when "E" is added SVEN
One may be checked on a news show FACT
Org. with a large waiting room? DMV
Otherwise ELSE
People pay to hear what they see MEDIUMS
Periods ERAS
Periods, for many sentences ENDS
Popular gadget review site CNET
Popular pain reliever ADVIL
Quarreling ATIT
Quick drink NIP
Road repair goo TAR
Runs (off) RACES
Salt Lake City collegian UTE
Saxophone type ALTO
School meeting org PTA
Sicken with sweetness CLOY
Silver who analyzes elections NATE
Single-stranded molecule RNA
Snake by the Nile ASP
Some are twins but not siblings BEDS
Speedy FAST
Spot for a comedian STANDUPACT
Spot for a dermatologist BEAUTYMARK
Spot for a product TVCOMMERCIAL
Spot for a vehicle PARKINGSPACE
Spot for someone in a jam STICKYSITUATION
Strange ODD
Terrier variety SKYE
Twitter alternative, slangily INSTA
Vigeland Park's Scandinavian capital OSLO
Word after "sand" or "steel" TRAP
Yell out CRY
You may hang one on a tree COAT
___'s razor OCCAM
___-Caps SNO