Family Time - Sep 21 2020

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Clues Answers
"If you ___ now ..." ACT
"Very well," in Paris (2 words) TRESBIEN
"___ the night before Christmas ..." TWAS
8, for one (this clue has 2 meanings) FIGURE
A la ___ (menu phrase) CARTE
A little less than a smidgen IOTA
A many-sided state UTAH
Be amiss ERR
Blubbers all over oneself SOBS
Boater's boat mover OAR
Brand of building blocks LEGO
Calmly convinces ASSURES
Careless mistake FLUB
Clear, as a drain UNCLOG
Dawn of the Greeks? EOS
Decay ROT
Definitely or positively (2 words) FORCERTAIN
Discerning ASTUTE
Do this to laundry out of the dryer FOLD
Early learning letters ABC
Facts that surround a situation or event CONTEXT
Female deer DOE
Good-as-new tire RETREAD
Hamburger meat BEEF
High college degree MBA
Home Depot competitor LOWES
Horse's running or walking pace GAIT
Income from work EARNINGS
Letters of the standard clock setting GMT
Letters that transform Paul? INE
Like a great gymnast AGILE
Clues Answers
Like many musicians (2 words) SELFTAUGHT
Like the legs of a giant LONG
Many fish eggs ROE
Mexican snack food TACO
Midge or punkie insect GNAT
More than fume RAGE
Negative vote NAY
Nestle candy bar name CHUNKY
One way to roll OVER
Place for a spinning class GYM
Power source (Abbr.) BATT
Prefix with "thermal" GEO
Ready alternative? NOT
Reddish-brown, among horses ROAN
Runny nose helper TISSUE
Says, "I'll put up a nickel" BETS
Selected passage, as of a novel EXCERPT
Semicircular path ARC
Shout "Go to your room!" PUNISH
Small bit of residue DREG
Song of praise HYMN
Stuff a suitcase for a trip PACK
Three-pip card TREY
Tibia's location SHIN
Tire's need AIR
Track shape, often OVAL
Two words before "little prayer" or "mouthful" SAYA
Type of camp or bus MINI
What NASA explores SPACE
___ Francisco SAN
___ mater ALMA