The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 20 2020

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Clues Answers
'All in the Family' actress Stapleton JEAN
'Hey ___' (Black Eyed Peas song) MAMA
'Let ___ eat cake' THEM
'Project Runway' creator Holzman ELI
'Regrettably,' poetically ALAS
'U Got It Bad' singer USHER
'What a relaxing bath!' AAH
'You're on your ___' OWN
'___ your head!' USE
1,000-kilogram units TONNES
1988 hit country album REBA
20 Down star Arthur ASHE
50/50 INHALF
Adobe program used by graphic artists INDESIGN
Adult participating in a snowball fight, say BIGKID
Ahmedabad attire SARI
Alternatively ELSE
Ancestry test molecule DNA
Ankle-length garment MAXI
Annoyances at Epcot LINES
Annual Hawaiian floral celebration LEIDAY
Armless furniture piece DIVAN
Barely makes (out) EKES
Bathroom in Tel Aviv? LAV
Blogger's posting ENTRY
Bowling alley item PIN
Bridle attachment REIN
Cafeteria provision MEAL
Calculus pioneer FERMAT
California rep Barbara LEE
Camper vans, e.g RVS
Car radio button PRESET
Card number, perhaps AGE
Carefree state EASE
Choose in a dispute TAKESIDES
City that's due west of Cedar Rapids AMESIOWA
CO/ME home USA
Comedian Proops GREG
Comedian who hosted the BET Awards in 2011 KEVINHART
Consumes ravenously DEVOURS
Container for olives CAN
Courteous denial NOMAAM
Cross paths with MEET
Cuban rum cocktail + dark German beer = Judge Lance, if he were an athletic member of a criminal syndicate? MOBJOCKITO
Cut 12 Down BISECT
Daisy Ridley's Jedi role REY
Dangerous scaling area CRAG
Daytona 500 racer AUTO
Deodorant types ROLLONS
Does what must be done OBEYS
Draw away, with 'from' DETRACT
Excoriates REAMSOUT
Expand WIDEN
Fills beyond full SATIATES
Former Philly Pops conductor Peter NERO
Gin/vermouth cocktail + fermented malt drink = Falsehood about aliens? MARTIANLIE
Gwendolyn Brooks poem that begins 'When the sun sinks behind the mountains' EVENTIDE
Had a bite at night DINED
Hanna-Barbera sheets CELS
Have leftovers, say EATIN
Heyburn State Park site IDAHO
Hosp. worker's org AMA
Immerses in hot water STEEPS
Include ADD
Internal combustion site ENGINE
Involve ENTAIL
Is in France? EST
Isolated ALONE
It has a negative charge ANION
Japanese rice wine + beer/lemonade drink = Two things that a mayor presents to a heroic beauty queen? SASHANDKEY
Jay Gatsby's rank MAJOR
JetBlue employee PILOT
Clues Answers
King's Scholars college ETON
Laid up in bed, say ILL
Lemon-lime soda + bitter Polynesian brew = Military recruit who's into the Specials, say? SKAPRIVATE
Licorice-flavored liqueur + French wine = Parking area for hunting dogs in Japanese cartoons? ANIMESETTERLOT
Lightning bolt's state of matter PLASMA
Like cocks and bulls MALE
Like houseplants that cats chew on, hopefully NONTOXIC
Like recipients of Santa's gifts, it's said NICE
Lions' locales DENS
Mafia figures DONS
Magneto, to Professor X NEMESIS
Makeup of some steins PEWTER
Malcolm X, e.g ICON
Mid-month time IDES
Mixes, as a drink STIRS
Mold particles SPORES
Munch like a mouse GNAW
Number of NBA titles won by Bill Russell ELEVEN
Number right after zwei DREI
Of the same family AKIN
Office newcomer HIREE
Oktoberfest beverage + brandy cocktail = Final redheads-only MD workplace? LASTGINGERER
One evaluating potential draft picks SCOUT
One landing on petals BEE
Overdo the sweetness CLOY
Pained from training SORE
Passerine songbird LARK
Paste at a luau POI
Pay-___-view PER
PC connection letters DSL
Perfectionist's objective IDEAL
Piece about one's life BIO
Plant with spiny leaves ALOE
Porcine farm beast SOW
Presidential period, e.g ERA
Produce pies, e.g BAKE
Property of light HUE
Put in order ALIGNED
Reproductive cell OVUM
Responsibility ONUS
Rest in a recliner NAP
Risk analyst's query? DOIDARE
Scotch whisky cocktail + dark beer = Rocker Zombie's plaything that he brings on a band trip? ROBSTOURTOY
Scottish liqueur + pirate's rum drink = Roast the guy who epitomizes the pretense of being affluent? DRAGMRBOUGIE
See 18 Across ALDA
Service industry? TENNIS
Singer Smyth PATTY
Spanish poetry subject AMOR
Stand-up comic Philips EMO
Starbucks drink + German wine = Emotive shouts? CRIESOFFEELING
State wildflower of Georgia AZALEA
Sterile farm beast MULE
Strides like a stallion LOPES
Sudoku row digits, e.g NONET
Suspiciously ASKANCE
Swamp chompers GATORS
Theorizing Descartes RENE
Tiger exhibit displayer ZOO
Try to catch carp, say ANGLE
Two-of-a-kind boat ARK
Vacillate YOYO
Vacuum seen in sci-fi SPACE
Variety of beef ANGUS
VIPs of clubs DJS
Went down a hill, say SLID
With 79 Down, Hawkeye Pierce's portrayer ALAN
Wonder at the piano STEVIE
___ eggs NEST
___ Lobster RED
___ out (squeal on) RAT
___ spray NASAL