- Sep 20 2020

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Clues Answers
''Filthy'' money LUCRE
''Literary'' celebrities LIONS
''Looks like trouble!'' UHOH
''__ seen better!'' IVE
Analyze minutely PARSE
Angler's gadget LURE
Antony's Almighty DEO
As soon as ONCE
Badger relative RIVEROTTER
Base for some paints LATEX
Before, in verse ERE
Bend down STOOP
Bhutanese or Bahraini ASIAN
Boasts HAS
Bubble wrap cushioning AIR
Burn a bit CHAR
Call for help PLEA
Canine coat FUR
Car repair bill line LABOR
Carved gem CAMEO
Chair's accessory GAVEL
Cheer for a diva BRAVA
Classmates, for instance PEERS
Classroom array DESKS
Coffeehouse concoction LATTE
Come to a __ (start bubbling) BOIL
Concerto improvisation CADENZA
Connecting bars YOKES
Cowhand's accessory LASSO
Creative pursuits ARTS
Customary routine RITUAL
DC-based network NPR
Dealt in SOLD
Declined slowly SLID
Deep indignation WRATH
Deep-sea finfish OCEANPERCH
Designer von Fürstenberg DIANE
Diminutive songbird WARBLER
Document design decisions FONTS
Early winter season NOEL
Early winter season YULE
Elevation of a sort HILL
Elongated toad eater GRASSSNAKE
Enthusiastic about INTO
Ernie's Muppet pal BERT
Extinguish DOUSE
Fade slowly ABATE
Falls in line OBEYS
False accounts LIES
Falstaff-like OBESE
Fancy fundraiser GALA
Feeling vexed SORE
Forest feline LYNX
Formal attire TAILS
Former OLD
Friendly back-and-forth BANTER
Friendly state ALLY
Frowny face sentiment IMSAD
Gelatin shaper MOLD
Get better HEAL
Ground squirrel relative PRAIRIEDOG
Groups of tennis games SETS
Grumpy one CRAB
Hard-shelled algae eater SEATURTLE
High-calorie, perhaps FATTY
Hot-blooded LUSTY
Hourly charge RATE
In the lead AHEAD
Inevitable outcome FATE
Japanese truck maker ISUZU
Kanga's creator MILNE
Lanky one SCRAG
Lazy nature SLOTH
Clues Answers
Linguistic ending ESE
Little ones SMALLFRY
Low-tech weed whacker HOE
Maritime forces NAVIES
Mexican ''mme.'' SRA
Miner's load ORE
Mitchell's belle OHARA
Morsels BITS
Most favorable BEST
Mottled mare ROAN
Nation's interior MIDLAND
NFL rushing great Smith EMMITT
Noise dampeners EARPLUGS
Northern game fish LAKETROUT
Not available TAKEN
Noxious vapor FUME
Of epic proportions HUGE
Of sight OPTIC
One of the Coen brothers ETHAN
One of the largest primates MOUNTAINGORILLA
OPEC commodity OIL
Originated AROSE
Part of YSL YVES
Pasta sauce flavoring BASIL
Pay tribute to HONOR
PCs from Taiwan ACERS
Photo lab creations PRINTS
Pizza portion SLICE
Pizza portion CRUST
Plane restraint LAPBELT
Potter's buy CLAY
Prepared for battle ARMED
Professors' helpers AIDES
Proofreader's marks STETS
Pulled back EASED
Ramadan rituals FASTS
Realms AREAS
Rodeo venue ARENA
Routes for freighters LANES
Russian news source TASS
Scurry, old-style HIE
Send forth EMIT
Set of organ pipes STOP
Shine, in product names GLO
Shoptalk LINGO
Show indignation RANT
Show indignation RAVE
Showed up CAME
Skating competition category PAIRS
Slip in some pots IOU
Small burrowing rodent FIELDMOUSE
Small songbird MEADOWLARK
Sound of merriment LAUGH
Spins rapidly TWIRLS
Spread around STREW
Stop lights REDS
Sung solo ARIA
Topic being discussed THIS
Town council vote YEA
Trade org ASSN
Trash bag sealer TIE
Truck capacity measure TON
University of __ Dame NOTRE
Very fine CHOICE
Very long time AGES
War-room hanging WALLMAP
What downtowns have lots of AUTOS
Whom Abe couldn't ''spare . . ., he fights'' ULYSSES
Wi-Fi patron USER
With 18 Down, gung-ho RAH
With no warranty ASIS
Words of caution CAVEAT
Yours and mine OURS