Universal - Sep 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bad Moms" org PTA
"Cornflake Girl" singer Amos TORI
"Stop bringing that up!" ... or a hint to 17-, 25-, 36- and 49-Across JUSTDROPIT
"The game is ___" AFOOT
"The Racer's Edge" brand STP
"Whatever" MEH
"Wild" playing card JOKER
2001 biopic about a boxer ALI
A student may plagiarize one ESSAY
Actor's signal CUE
Affectations AIRS
As good as ___ DONE
Badminton court sights NETS
Bask in SAVOR
Billboard displays ADS
Birds on Canadian $1 coins LOONS
Blueprint bit, briefly SPEC
Bring before a judge TRY
Charge for a dog that steals food? PETLARCENY
Coleridge's "before" ERE
College's cost-saving strategy? PROFSHARING
Color of a seal's skin, perhaps GRAY
Come to an end CEASE
Department focused on indie rep? CREDBUREAU
Director Judd APATOW
Driver's folded item MAP
Duncan of education ARNE
E.T. craft UFO
Fall flower ASTER
Fathered SIRED
Include in an email ATTACH
Joins together? WEDS
Lead-in to :// HTTP
Like Poe's writing EERIE
Low body part TOE
Lupino who directed "The Hitch-Hiker" IDA
Many people may watch you make one SCENE
Mishmash of memories BLUR
More sensational, as gossip JUICIER
Clues Answers
No. 2 ASST
Number of balls before a walk FOUR
Often-blue bird JAY
Old mattress problem SAG
One may sing sweetly ... or wail loudly SIREN
Opening remarks INTRO
Pants patch place KNEE
Paramedics' grp EMS
Parapsychological "skill": Abbr ESP
Pita and piadina BREADS
Place for outdoor furniture PATIO
Plan to get a former partner back? EXSTRATEGY
Poi ingredient TARO
Points to graph DATA
Polar explorer Richard BYRD
Popular news and opinion site VOX
Remove from office UNSEAT
Shakespeare lover ROMEO
Shape of Utah's Rainbow Bridge ARCH
Singer Burdon or Church ERIC
Slander DEFAME
Socked away STORED
Spilled salt, to some OMEN
Stay strong BEARUP
Stimulus check agcy IRS
Stuff in dynamite, briefly NITRO
Terrier noise YAP
Ticket remnant STUB
Toddler transports TRIKES
Toy that goes up and down YOYO
Travel document VISA
Unable to progress STUCK
Villain of "The Lion King" SCAR
Way, way off AFAR
Wedding, for one EVENT
What's always inclined? SLOPE
When a plane should land, briefly ETA
With-it one COOLCAT
___/her pronouns SHE