- Sep 19 2020

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Clues Answers
''Alpine'' abodes HUTS
''Cool'' that's made a comeback FAB
''Inventin' jokes __ easy'': Rocky Balboa AINT
''Meatballs'' on a circuit diagram NODES
''Truly?'' THINKSO
Ancient New Testament character TAU
Angry Birds and Bonsai Barber, categorically INDIEGAMES
Bar display URL
Blackwood product seen on stages OBOE
British river named for where it starts NESS
Color close to silver ASH
Common rack range SML
Consigns SENDS
Cost curb LID
Dislodges OUSTS
Does a hip-hop dance NAENAES
End that's often clipped ING
Flyspecks IOTAS
Former airer of ''20Q'' and ''Bingo America'' GSN
Fortes AREAS
Garth Brooks, by birth OKIE
Get to stream, say TUNEIN
Green type RUBE
Horde head KHAN
Impressively muscular, from a ''puffed-up'' word SWOLE
In reserve ASIDE
Inspiration appreciation WHATANIDEA
Kingston trios, often SKABANDS
Latter-day cheaters SPEX
Many a ratio STAT
Marvel debut of '63 XMEN
Medieval military governments SHOGUNATES
Name shared by an eminent astrophysicist and another ''astro-'' notable NEIL
Clues Answers
Not buying it LEASING
Open divider NET
Pagan leader NEO
Pastime inspired by JRR Tolkien DND
Pâtisserie article UNE
Prevent from crashing ASKIN
Puts away childish things ACTSONESAGE
Real creep WORM
Reign over OWN
Rome's __-Shelley Memorial House KEATS
Sanskrit word for ''seat'' ASANA
Sci-fi staple ALIENRACES
Scratch OMIT
Seasonal occasions for pool diving? NCAAS
Snow the heat, maybe ABET
Submits for approval, perhaps KNEELS
Tender feeling ACHE
Term akin to ''rabbi'' IMAM
They get stabbed with toothpicks BLTS
They take the edge off PALLIATIONS
Thrown-together attention-getter HOTTAKE
Top Grammy-winning female artist (27, 1991-2012) KRAUSS
Top of the heap ELITE
Toronto-to-Columbus midpoint ERIE
Traditional Alaskan basket material BALEEN
Two shovels for ''work available,'' for example HOBOSIGN
Underwater defense OCTOPUSINK
Weight-bearing bone TALUS
Where a bundle is won in ''Rain Man'' CAESARS
Where curlers work RINKS
Whom Ebert called ''that twinkly professional Irishman'' OSHEA
__ style (esteemed Chinese calligraphy) MAO