USA Today - Nov 8 2020

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Clues Answers
'Howdy!' HIYA
'Just tell me already!' IGIVE
'That's so funny!' HAHA
'The Good Lord Bird' actor Hawke ETHAN
'Yeah, what the heck!' OKSURE
Albany-to-Buffalo waterway ERIECANAL
Baby grand adjuster PIANOTUNER
Bangkok language THAI
Banh mi spread MAYO
Bash on a fancy boat YACHTPARTY
Bull on glue bottles ELMER
City served by DFW Airport PLANOTEXAS
Clambake remnants ASHES
Condition that can cause dizziness ANEMIA
Cryptologist's creation CODE
Date SEE
Drive-___ window THRU
Dubai dignitaries EMIRS
Earthenware pot CROCK
Electric Toyota PRIUS
Expression of sympathy ICARE
Family members SONS
First Greek letter ALPHA
Furniture chain IKEA
Gambling destination where citizens can't gamble MONACO
Get back to the host RSVP
Ginza-based watch company SEIKO
H.S. science class APBIO
Hand part that might be read PALM
Hands out cards DEALS
Inactive IDLE
Inscribe with acid ETCH
It borders Mex USA
Large citrus fruit POMELO
Leave out SKIP
Leopards and lynxes CATS
Letters before an alias AKA
LGBTQ dating app HER
Long stretches on a timeline ERAS
Clues Answers
Low in fat content LEAN
Mahshi koronb herb DILL
Makeup of some crumbles OREO
Malice SPITE
Mashed to mush PULPED
Mattress brand SERTA
News conference handouts PRESSKITS
Off-road four-wheeler, for short ATV
Oven glove MITT
Pancake pour-on SYRUP
Passionate about INTO
Plan similar to a 401(k) IRA
Play segment ACT
Prefix that means 'very small' NANO
Pros' opposites CONS
Raylan's father on 'Justified' ARLO
Really stands out POPS
Rush-___ traffic HOUR
Serving that conforms to Jewish dietary laws KOSHERMEAL
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Shipwreck hunter's device SONAR
Sierra Nevada tourist attraction TAHOE
Smooth transitions SEGUES
Social equal PEER
Sound of a high-five SLAP
Spanish for 'gold' ORO
Squarish BOXY
Star ___ (ingredient in five-spice powder) ANISE
The Friendly ___ (nickname for Molokai) ISLE
Totally baffle STUMP
Trifling complaint NIT
Volcano east of Palermo ETNA
Walk-___ (small roles) ONS
Walking aid CANE
Weaken gradually ERODE
Works of fiction that might involve hackers TECHNOTHRILLERS
___ diagram VENN
___-fi SCI