USA Today - Nov 6 2020

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Clues Answers
'Where ___ you going?' ARE
'Within ___ Gates' (1920 film) OUR
'Yadda, yadda, yadda' (Abbr.) ETC
'You are ___' (map phrase) HERE
'___-Ra and the Princesses of Power' SHE
Acronymic feeling FOMO
Actress and civil rights activist Ruby DEE
Alternative to suspenders BELT
Assumed appearance GUISE
Backbone SPINE
Bathroom, in London LOO
Bend down STOOP
Brittany Howard genre ROCK
Company VIP CEO
Concert item AMP
Conscious AWARE
Cosmetics businesswoman Lauder ESTEE
Dab at BLOT
Dinosaur with three horns TRICERATOPS
Driving danger POTHOLE
Flies high SOARS
Following AFTER
Free passes in competitions BYES
Gator's relative CROC
Go bad ROT
Goose's sound HONK
Government policy leaders CZARS
Have yet to pay OWE
Instructional genre HOWTO
JPEG alternative, at times PDF
Kelly Marie Tran's 'Star Wars' role ROSE
Knight's title SIR
Leave with a pawnbroker HOCK
Letters calling for help SOS
Like a dark-brown banana OVERRIPE
Line made by folding CREASE
Liquefy in a blender PUREE
Long throw in Ultimate HUCK
Magna ___ CARTA
Clues Answers
Mahjong bird SPARROW
Makeup of some 'vines' REDLICORICE
Measure ratified by Va. in 2020 ERA
Mother in a flock EWE
Music festival whose 2019 performers included Jill Scott and FKA Twigs AFROPUNK
Netflix drama set in Missouri OZARK
Not these THOSE
Not trans CIS
Novelist Walker ALICE
One-on-one battle DUEL
Origami bird CRANE
Paranormal ability ESP
Parts of sitcom breaks TVADS
Pritzker Prize-winning architect Toyo ITO
Recurring sequence of events CYCLE
Sacred hymn PSALM
Shocking swimmer ELECTRICEEL
Shorter 'That's funny!' LOL
Shrinking Arctic formation POLARICECAP
Singer-songwriter King CAROLE
Some medication PILLS
Some restaurant reviewers YELPERS
Some sandwich cookies OREOS
Squander WASTE
Sticks for coloring books CRAYONS
Summer sign LEO
Symbols on a musical staff NOTES
Take a nap, say SLEEP
Take the show on the road TOUR
That person's THEIR
Tough part when knitting a sock TOE
Unapproachable ALOOF
Understand GRASP
Untrustworthy SHADY
Uplift BUOY
Woeful word ALAS
Word on a gift tag FROM
___ Moines, Iowa DES