USA Today - Nov 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Parenthood' actress Christensen ERIKA
'That's correct' YES
'That,' in Spanish ESO
'To ___ the Boys I've Loved Before' ALL
'You've got mail' ISP AOL
'___ we all?' ('I sympathize') ARENT
28-Down, for one ISLAND
A long time ago ONCE
Ab-toning exercises SITUPS
Aching SORE
Aid illegally ABET
Bit of progress INROAD
Bodyguard's accessory EARPIECE
Breakfast bowlful OATMEAL
Bumbling sort, unkindly OAF
Champagne or Prosecco SPARKLINGWINE
Champs-Elysees city PARIS
Concerning ASTO
Creature from outer space ALIEN
Dead-end street sign NOOUTLET
Decline an offer SAYNO
Defrosts THAWS
Denali's state ALASKA
Drape with decorations FESTOON
Email command SEND
Extreme competition with obstacles SPARTANRACE
Fawn's mom DOE
Gaping chasm ABYSS
Gets past the superficial GOESDEEP
GPA-padding class EASYA
Hairstylists' substances DYES
Includes in an email thread CCS
It's southeast of Oahu MAUI
Italian for 'hour' ORA
Like a cold stare STEELY
Like Mobius strips LOOPED
Like some washers and arcade games, for short COINOP
Lowest two-digit number TEN
Clues Answers
M.D. dealing with urgent cases ERDOC
Make stuff up LIE
Make the grade CUTIT
Many a Morgan Jerkins work ESSAY
Meeting outline AGENDA
Middle Eastern jam fruit FIG
Mombasa's country KENYA
Name hidden in 'posture' STU
Name that can be rearranged to spell a color DRE
Newsletter subscriber READER
Noname genre RAP
Overnight flight REDEYE
Paper bundle REAM
Poet Limon ADA
Poster heading accompanied by an animal picture LOSTDOG
Relay race segments LEGS
Reuben sandwich bread RYE
River to the Colorado GILA
Robust HARDY
Sends via USPS, maybe MAILS
Shape of a lob shot's path ARC
Sign before Virgo LEO
Skate park slope RAMP
Some frozen drinks ICEES
Some frozen waffles EGGOS
Sound heard by Little Bo-Peep BAA
Taproom selections ALES
Tel Aviv citizens ISRAELIS
The ___ Reserve FEDERAL
Thousand dollars GRAND
Threw into the mix ADDED
Tinikling, e.g DANCE
Tiny bit TAD
Tons of MANY
Volleyball court divider NET
What some skilled nursing facilities provide SPECIALCARE
___ de parfum EAU
___ Republic of Egypt ARAB
___-friendly (green) ECO