USA Today - Oct 30 2020

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Clues Answers
'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' actress Miranda OTTO
'I think you're ___ something!' ONTO
'Immediately!' STAT
'Snowy' or 'slaty' wading bird EGRET
'Sweetener' singer Grande, to fans ARI
'___ in there!' HANG
'___ now or never!' ITS
Become deserving of EARN
Big-screen movie format IMAX
Bookie's figures ODDS
Brains, idiomatically GRAYMATTER
Broken mirror, to some OMEN
Bus sched. approximation ETA
Business school subj ECON
Colors like crimson REDS
Competition spurred by Sputnik SPACERACE
Cream-filled pastry ECLAIR
Cretaceous carnivore, for short TREX
Currency in Latvia EURO
Curved line on a music staff SLUR
Deal with SEETO
Dental hygiene brand ORALB
Distribute to the crowd PASSAROUND
Farmer's growth CROP
Film backdrops SETS
First Bond film DRNO
Flower similar to a daisy ASTER
Give a darn CARE
Have in high regard ESTEEM
High school gala PROM
Improvise onstage ADLIB
Kanga's kid ROO
Like transparent fabric SHEER
Make possible ENABLE
Name on a marquee STAR
No longer wild TAME
Numbered highways ROUTES
Often-discarded ticket parts STUBS
Outer part of a wheel RIM
Clues Answers
Outrage IRE
Partner after saying 'I do' SPOUSE
Parts of psyches EGOS
Past, present or future TENSE
Perfect example EPITOME
Photo PIC
Photo ___ (PR events) OPS
Plumbing problems DRIPS
Poet Spencer ANNE
Poison Ivy, to Batman ENEMY
Provide party food CATER
Prune a bit TRIM
Rapper LoLa ___ MONROE
Relaxed ATEASE
Remove condensation from DEFOG
Ripened, say AGED
Savory molded jelly ASPIC
Scarcity DEARTH
Seep slowly OOZE
Sends to someone else REFERS
Shade of khakis TAN
Sheet of glass PANE
Singer Debbie HARRY
Stealthy intruder CATBURGLAR
Stretched tightly TAUT
Stuck around STAYED
Subtraction word LESS
Suffix for 'disk' ETTE
Trouble or Parcheesi, e.g BOARDGAME
Unintended medicinal consequence SIDEEFFECT
Unsettling EERIE
Upright ERECT
Veg out LAZE
Vetoes NIXES
W-2 org IRS
Word before 'break' or 'return' TAX
Zipped along SPED
___ and reel ROD
___ list (set of chores) TODO