USA Today - Oct 26 2020

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Clues Answers
'American Housewife' actress Wong ALI
'Dude,' more formally SIR
'Hard pass' NOPE
'Mucho ___' ('Nice to meet you') GUSTO
'Please make this story stop' TMI
'Reply all' medium EMAIL
'So close' ALMOST
'___ McGraw' (Taylor Swift song) TIM
'___ you sure?' ARE
Absolutely loves ADORES
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Amherst sch UMASS
Apart from that ELSE
Back muscle, for short LAT
Battery size AAA
Bracelet ornaments CHARMS
Chunk of cash WAD
Clothing GARB
Congresswoman Alexandria ___-Cortez OCASIO
Convened MET
Counterparts of outs INS
Cred REP
Disc thrown in Ultimate FRISBEE
Do better than ONEUP
Driver's aid on long trips CRUISECONTROL
Droop SAG
eBay offer BID
Feathery scarf BOA
Food that's an anagram of a winter garment TACO
Garment with extra pockets CARGOPANTS
Give for safekeeping ENTRUST
Giveaway bag TOTE
Have an appointment with SEE
Honest FRANK
In 'Beauty and the Beast,' Mrs. Potts is turned into one TEAPOT
Instrument in the name of a 'Spider-Man' tabloid BUGLE
Invalidates ANNULS
Kerfuffle ADO
Clues Answers
Leaping athlete LONGJUMPER
Lemon relative LIME
Microsoft Surface alternative IPAD
More than a ___ coincidence MERE
Mousse alternative GEL
Mutual ___ fund AID
Neighbor of Turkey and Turkmenistan IRAN
Next to BESIDE
Not on time LATE
Nuyorican Productions founder's nickname JLO
Obstruct CLOGUP
Obtain via trickery FINAGLE
Opposite of 27-Down NONE
Opposite of 7-Down ALL
Part of an 'Old MacDonald' verse BAA
Pay increase RAISE
Peeled PARED
Periods in history ERAS
Person you look up to IDOL
Ph.D. holders, e.g DRS
Pill alternative, for short IUD
Pushes forward PROPELS
Put back on the grill, say RECOOK
Result of a mutual refusal to compromise BATTLEOFWILLS
Scorch the surface of SEAR
Signs off on OKS
Solicit opinions from POLL
Soup-serving spoon LADLE
Southeast Asian language LAO
Sprints, say RUNS
Tamagotchis and Webkinz, for example FADS
They're worse than par BOGEYS
Toboggans, for example SLEDS
Truck stop sight SEMI
Unlikely occurrence FLUKE
You might blow some off STEAM
___ the scenes BEHIND