The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,471 - Sep 17 2020

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Clues Answers
Bird dog having no lead EAGLE
Bone throb turning steady HUMERUS
Careless following philosopher's first assumption PREMISS
Demanding old partner, single bloke EXIGENT
Doctor following one who makes plans DRAFTER
Female succeeding Queen's lackey FLATTERER
Fruit growths with pressure to open PLUMS
Judges appointed by Trump I respect UMPIRES
More stupefied son with more speed SPACIER
One gives tender loving care, possibly TREASURER
Operating theatre is most filthy EARTHIEST
Picked up, spots United on attack SEIZURE
Principal admits she's wrong about religious education HEADMISTRESS
Principally trees' old roots support immense trunks TORSI
Clues Answers
Providers of inferior digital protection? TOECAPS
Sanction care of people holding fast CONFIRMATION
Script one translated for Maigret? INSPECTOR
Searching on the way across Belgium COMBING
Sofa idler fetches to relax CHESTERFIELD
Spoiled walk circling ends of tee TREATED
Stone accepts sex trouble AGITATE
Strain, reportedly, to find love potion PHILTRE
Strangely devious about rebellion gripping Right SURPRISINGLY
Sweetheart surrounded by cleaning equipment sulks MOPES
Thrill being captivated by umpteenth rally ENTHRAL
Twist perhaps involves current and former performer OLIVIER
Upsetting English routine, carry out food NURTURE
What fastens and unfastens locks? HAIRPIN