Universal - Sep 17 2020

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Clues Answers
"Hard" or "sweet" drink CIDER
"The Andy Griffith Show" boy OPIE
"The Joy of Signing" subj ASL
*Chandeliers in a king's castle? REGALLIGHTS
*Ones most likely to tear their pants? RIPLEADERS
*Weaving device with a built-in comfy chair? ROCKERLOOM
*Work the midnight shift on a galleon? ROWLATE
2-Down, in Mexico AMOR
Arab League dignitary EMIR
Arc de Triomphe locale PARIS
Arguing vehemently ATIT
Arkin of "Argo" ALAN
Auto parts giant NAPA
Basket made on a rebound TIPIN
Be victimized by, as a trap FALLINTO
Bench press counts REPS
Bracelet spot, perhaps ANKLE
Canine deliveries LITTERS
Captures NABS
Checked out before a heist CASED
Computerese, e.g JARGON
Cyber Monday event SALE
Cyber Monday transactions ETAIL
DEA agents, e.g FEDS
Ermine, in the summer STOAT
Every newborn gets one NAME
Evidence of a wound SCAR
Exploits, like a privilege ABUSES
Flood controller DAM
Gem from an Australian mine OPAL
Get a new grip, say, or what the starred answers do? SWITCHHANDS
Golf pros, e.g TEACHERS
Green org EPA
Have a conniption RAGE
Heart-related CARDIAC
Heavy noble gas RADON
Hydroelectric power agcy TVA
Jong who wrote "Fear of Flying" ERICA
Kitchen timer's sound DING
Clues Answers
Lang of Smallville LANA
Lesley of "60 Minutes" STAHL
Letter before Bravo ALFA
Like an all-weather stadium DOMED
Lotion additive ALOE
Makes smooth SANDS
Morning joe JAVA
Newborn's napping place CRIB
Not as congenial ICIER
Not yet captured ATLARGE
One of a Texas team punished for sign stealing ASTRO
Oregon-to-Idaho direction EAST
Oz woodman's makeup TIN
Part of BYOB OWN
Party pooper DRAG
Patriotic lapel pin FLAG
Place to buy chew toys PETSTORE
Portending disaster DIRE
Reid of "Sharknado" TARA
Rug cleaner, for short VAC
Science series since 1974 NOVA
Scrooge's cry BAH
Shapiro of radio ARI
Shed one's feathers MOLT
Shooting marble TAW
Showed the way LED
Simple Lionel layout OVAL
Smartwatch display TIME
Stair climber's aid RAIL
Stood up to RESISTED
Suffix for fruity drinks ADE
Taking after ALA
Temporary money SCRIP
Valentine sentiment LOVE
Vientiane native LAO
Warty amphibian TOAD
Weaken, as confidence ERODE
Wee Scot LAD