- Sep 17 2020

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Clues Answers
''Cats'' inspiration ELIOT
''Grand'' or ''comic'' performance OPERA
''I'll take that right now!'' HANDITOVER
''Kid stuff!'' ASNAP
30 minutes of football HALF
Adhere to, with ''by'' ABIDE
Airborne ambulance HELICOPTER
Amigos PALS
Bankrolls FINANCES
Barbecue side SLAW
Be a rubberneck LOOK
Ben Franklin's ''hot'' invention STOVE
Big to-dos HOOPLAS
Blow one's top RANT
Blvd. crossers STS
Brood bird HEN
Careless urgency HASTE
Ceremonial spot ALTAR
Class of '21, in '21 SENIORS
Common sitcom character SON
Common sitcom character DAD
Cozy retreat NEST
Cream-filled treats ECLAIRS
Date, for short APPT
Do in, as a dragon SLAY
Doubleheaders TWINBILLS
Drained of color PALE
Draw a salary EARN
Earnest requests PLEAS
Exotic Indonesian isle BALI
Farthest from the finish line LAST
Final melodic line CODA
First-pitch precursors ANTHEMS
Fuzzy photo BLUR
Hexagonal pattern HONEYCOMB
Highway exit INTERCHANGE
It may be a stretch LIMO
It's squeezed into tea LEMON
Key to solving some cold cases DNA
Clues Answers
L.A. campus USC
Leave gobsmacked STUN
Mango-shaped OVAL
Mobile software APP
More than attentive RAPT
New again RECYCLED
Noble acts DEEDS
On its way, in a way SENT
Pampering place SPA
Patient attendants RNS
Pear variety BOSC
Place for pampering SALON
Powdery residue ASH
Prevailing MAIN
Punxsutawney groundhog PHIL
Racecourse near Runnymede ASCOT
Renoir contemporary MONET
Rings of light HALOS
River swimmer SHAD
Round up SNARE
Scott of ''Hawaii Five-0'' CAAN
Sea traveler of 1492 NINA
Second-born boy ABEL
Signs of spoilage ODORS
Stake in a pot ANTE
Submitted, as a return FILED
Suffix for sea GOER
Suffix for sermon ETTE
Sunshine State's southernmost part FLORIDAKEYS
Third-born boy SETH
Three-syllable sandwiches BLTS
Took a monetary beating ATEIT
Top of the crop AONE
Tunnel charges TOLLS
What a drone might get caught in TREE
Where 62 Across and 2 Down never lived EDEN
Wipe from one's memory UNSEE
Without an advantage EVEN
__ ghanouj (eggplant salad) BABA