Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 9 2020

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Clues Answers
"Hi, sailor!" AHOY
Actress Singer LORI
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Ascend RISE
AWOL pursuers MPS
B — boy ASIN
Baseball's Moises ALOU
Blunder FLUB
Boston team, for short SOX
Bowl of greens SALAD
Brilliant stroke COUP
Code-breaking gp NSA
Contradict DENY
Crazy LOCO
Dance moves STEPS
Debtor's letters IOU
Don Quixote's "foe" WINDMILL
Estate recipient HEIR
Fountain drinks MALTS
Gen.'s underling COL
Grinding kitchen utensil FOODMILL
Half a sextet TRIO
Heidi of "Project Runway" KLUM
Hoopster Malone KARL
Hotel worker MAID
Illuminated LIT
James Bond portrayer Daniel CRAIG
Jungle trek SAFARI
Kenny G's instrument SAX
Like a melting Popsicle DRIPPY
Long lunches? SUBS
Clues Answers
Messes up ERRS
Mil. morale booster USO
Narcissist's love SELF
Not naked CLAD
Onassis nickname ARI
Oodles and oodles MILLIONS
Paris summer ETE
Piece for soloist and orchestra CONCERTO
Pisa farewell CIAO
Pledge VOW
Popeye's Olive OYL
Pouchlike parts SACS
Quick swims DIPS
Rolling landscape HILLS
Rug cleaner, briefly VAC
Scepters RODS
Shakespeare title starter ALLS
Spanish gold ORO
Speech problem LISP
Stinging insects WASPS
Take it easy REST
Take — (try the wine) ASIP
Thames town ETON
Tibetan monks LAMAS
Toledo's state OHIO
Totals SUMS
Untamed WILD
Urban haze SMOG
Wall St. deals LBOS
— Rushmore MOUNT