Universal - Sep 15 2020

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Clues Answers
"CSI" molecule DNA
"Glee" star Michele LEA
"Hamilton" showdown DUEL
"No preference" EITHER
"Pride ___ before ..." GOETH
"Should that be true ..." IFSO
"Tickle Me" doll ELMO
"Walk-___ welcome" INS
2012 film set in Tehran ARGO
A/C brand whose name sounds like a vehicle TRANE
About eight furlongs MILE
Ancient fabulist AESOP
Aquarium mensch? STANDUPGUPPY
Arborist's specialties TREES
Assignment for a Tex-Mex chef-in-training? PEPPERREVIEW
Baby food's consistency PUREE
Bhutan locale ASIA
Boggy place FEN
Bounds along LOPES
Bryn ___ College MAWR
Burst of artillery SALVO
Calm and composed SEDATE
Celestial bear URSA
Certain parents, in Liverpool MUMS
Cinderella's sweepings ASHES
College sports channel ESPNU
Computer owner USER
Creative field ART
Creator of the Whos SEUSS
Do a school activity? SWIM
Facebook upload PHOTO
Flummoxed ATSEA
Future fry SPUD
Gets bent out of shape? WARPS
Hawaiian island where Nicole Kidman was born OAHU
In violation (of) AFOUL
It's within three other Greek letters ETA
Largest U.S. retailer of the 1980s SEARS
Clues Answers
Light parody SPOOF
Limerick, for one POEM
Loosened, like laces UNTIED
Luggage attachment IDTAG
Made an appearance SHOWEDUP
Maestro Zubin MEHTA
Map app alternative GPS
Moved slowly (into) EASED
NYC transit org MTA
Obstetrician's prefix for "gram" SONO
One who regularly buys and sells fixer-upper houses? FREQUENTFLIPPER
Per item APIECE
Persian Gulf nation: Abbr UAE
Person who makes clever remarks QUIPSTER
Porridge ingredients, perhaps OATS
Potted plant's base SOIL
Quite skilled ADEPT
Ready to serve DONE
Ringo of The Beatles STARR
Sailor's emergency signal SOS
Share a stance OPINE
Softball umpire's cry OUT
Stick with many marks RULER
Sweden's flagship carrier SAS
Take from a deck DRAW
Ten lords' activity LEAPING
Tiny flying pests GNATS
Traffic cone PYLON
Used to be ONCEWAS
Washday brand ERA
Watts of "The Impossible" NAOMI
Wee bits IOTAS
Where Arizona's Sun Devil Stadium is TEMPE
Withdrawal device, briefly ATM
Word that can precede or follow "wishing" WELL
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
___ under the collar HOT