The Sun - Two Speed - Sep 15 2020

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Clues Answers
African runner in Old Street wealthy OSTRICH
American angry but not down? ACROSS
Antecedent ANCESTOR
Better writing from educated Italian EDIT
Canal transport BARGE
Clamorous STRIDENT
Country on the Caspian IRAN
Dad makes plump champion less round FATHER
Dish up SERVE
Do start tennis match? SERVE
Drunken Proust in daze STUPOR
E for Einstein? ENERGY
Elite academia OXBRIDGE
Excessive energy used in action STEEP
Falls over once more having run ahead initially NIAGARA
Famous waterfalls NIAGARA
Flightless bird OSTRICH
Food shortage: amen if resolved FAMINE
Forebear requires an exotic escort ANCESTOR
God has party back at home ODIN
I wander up to see native people MAORI
I was leader in Asian state IRAN
Learnt about hire deal RENTAL
Lethargic state STUPOR
Clues Answers
Local I love: Nag's Head in royal setting REGIONAL
Low born idiot BASS
Making exit GOING
Male fowl ROOSTER
Male parent FATHER
Marine fish BASS
Military trainee CADET
Nauseating NOISOME
Norse deity ODIN
Number one a bit unpleasant NOISOME
NZ aboriginal MAORI
On the way out? GOING
One wouldn't give up her gift anyhow FIGHTER
Opposed to a good person keeping profit AGAINST
Police student in DC ate out CADET
Precipitous STEEP
Pub grand with English boat BARGE
Relating to an area REGIONAL
Revise text EDIT
Roll contains zero chicken ROOSTER
Second nuclear missile system thundering STRIDENT
Spanning ACROSS
Warplane FIGHTER
Where cattle come across university pair? OXBRIDGE