New York Times - Feb 27 2010

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Clues Answers
'Laverne & Shirley' landlady EDNA
'Operation Bikini' co-star, 1963 AVALON
'Ready' follower AIM
Application datum: Abbr. TEL
Bad blood ODIUM
Bats are smaller than normal in it TBALL
Be cut down to size EATCROW
Big-time kudos MADPROPS
Bright spot in architecture? SUNROOM
Captain Nemo's final resting place NAUTILUS
College football coach Miles LES
Common toy go-with CBATTERY
Crib note? WAH
Customize for TAILORTO
Deal killers NOES
Definitely gonna SURETO
Demi Moore was in it BRATPACK
Disco or swing follower ERA
Do school work TEACH
Dog's coat? KETCHUP
Dot-com with an asterisk in its name ETRADE
Emulate Niobe WEEP
Eponymous general TSO
Exasperated cry IVEHADIT
Film about the Statue of Liberty? PATINA
Film critic Joel SIEGEL
Goal of some candidates PHD
Grammy-winning Gnarls Barkley, e.g. DUO
Hidden danger LANDMINE
Honoree on the third Friday of Sept. MIA
Immobilized, in a way PINNED
It goes through lots of luggage: Abbr. TSA
It's under the Host PATEN
Clues Answers
Like many old series, now ONDVD
Like some mythology NORSE
Lombardia's capital MILANO
Mascot that's a shell of a man? MRPEANUT
Means of forced entry RAMS
Modelesque SVELTE
Moved out? UNSEATED
Mute neighbor, maybe: Abbr. REC
Namby-pambies DRIPS
Official's helper YEOMAN
One being printed at a station ARRESTEE
One concerned with checks and balances BANKER
One side of Hawaii POI
Opening used before opening a door PEEPHOLE
Picture receiver RETINA
Preparatory stage LEADUP
Protect, in a way ENCODE
Response to a good dig OHSNAP
Robbed of DENIED
Saison de septembre, mostly ETE
Sets right MENDS
Slinky and stealthy CATLIKE
Springtime arrival ARIES
Street name lead-in AKA
Subject of the biography 'King of the World' ALI
Subtle warning sound AHEM
Things that disappear in the shower? ODORS
Tops of golf courses? POLOS
Torpedo RUIN
Triumphant song PAEAN
What sticks to your ribs? STERNUM
What's-his-face SOANDSO
Wiesbaden's state HESSE
Words at the outset HEREWEGO
___ factor ICK